As the Miss Universe season starts to heat up, Dear Pageant Girl is on the hunt for the ultimate beauty pageant princess to represent Australia in this year’s finals.

Historically, Western Australia has produced some gorgeous women.

Prior to Scherri-Lee Biggs (Miss Universe Australia 2011), Renae Wauhop almost snatched the crown in 2010, narrowly missing out and instead getting the first runner up title.  Renee has since gone on to be a finalist in the first ever Australian version of The Amazing Race.



We kick off our first ever Stunner Alert with another West Australian beauty. 

Introducing, Renae Ayris, 21, model.



What is your motivation in joining this competition?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. 

What do you know about Miss Universe Australia?

The pageant raises funds for extremely worthwhile causes. The entrants get to participate in enjoyable and educational activities, building self esteem and confidence. They strive to find a contestant that truly represents Australia on an international level. I am learning new things all the time.

Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

I think they are relevant to the people who want them to be and that it shouldn’t really matter what others think.

Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

I actually don’t think about “the crown” at all. I am gaining experience in public speaking, which I was well in need of! Also the sense of satisfaction of helping with charity events and fundraising.

Who are your role models?

I base my life development on the people I know, for instance my family and my close friends. I don’t really have a “famous” role model, as I feel I need to know someone to admire them to the extent of being my role model.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I was born on my Great Grandmother’s 80th birthday, she is still going strong at the age of 101. I LOVE vinegar and have it on everything. I spent 16 years of my life dancing almost every day of the week. I auditioned forMoulin Rouge and was too young, but was asked to contact them when I turned 18, but modelling took over.

What kind of preparations have you gone through to prepare yourself for the competition?

Although I have to keep myself pretty fit for modelling, I have upped my fitness regime with boxing classes. I have been watching YouTube videos for inspiration and tips on how to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Dear Pageant Girl will continue to look for and post about this season’s cream of the crop, posting “Stunner Alerts” on DPG’s Facebook page .