Every now and then a dark horse emerges….and this girl was a classic dark horse.

We initially didn’t notice Danielle until she got on the runway.  As soon as she stepped on that catwalk, no one else mattered.  She owned and BURNED that runway! Possibly the fiercest runway competitor we have seen in years.

Presenting to you this year’s gorgeous Filpino-Australian runway diva.


Danielle Nicole Fitch, 22

Background: Australian (Father) /Filipino (Mother)

Born and raised in Cairns, Australia then moved to the Gold Coast in 1999.

What is your motivation in joining this competition?

As I am approaching the completion of my 2nd and final degree, I started to seriously consider my options. I was recently short-listed but unsuccessful for a QLD health position to complete my pre-registration year as a pharmacist in the Cairns Base Hospital, where I originally grew up. I felt extremely disappointed, not so much because it meant that I would not be returning to my home town or that the last 6 years of working & studying towards this position had crumbled, but because my ambition to make a change in a patient’s life through a struggling health care system seemed like a far-off dream. Miss Universe, I think, is every little girls dream; the glitz, the glamour, the beauty & the grace. Like a barbie doll that has come to life, only with brains & a voice. But aside from lifetime’s dream of dressing & speaking like a Queen, if anything was my motivation for joining Miss Universe, it would be my insatiable desire to help others, educate & be a good role model to anyone with a dream.

What do you know about Miss Universe Australia?

I know that Jennifer Hawkins is the only Miss Australia that has taken home the Miss Universe Crown. She is absolutely amazing and a credit to her ability to remain grounded even in light of her successes since her crowning. I should hope to remain as humble and level-headed as her should I find myself in her shoes!

Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

Absolutely! I feel that the rules of the pageants have grown & changed along with the changing of times and it has perhaps deviated from what a traditional pageant used to be, but I believe for some things to continue to be viable & relevant to today’s youth, there must be some flexibility. We, the youth of today, MAKE pageants relevant, and that is all that matters. Besides, I can’t think of any better way to get the attention of the world to discuss worldly issues other than a clad of gorgeous, gown-laden beauty queens with brains to boot.

Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

The memories that I know will not leave my mind for years to come, the friendships that I find in my fellow hopefuls, perhaps generate more awareness of the dire situation our QLD health system and maybe boost my modelling portfolio from the exposure involved with getting through to the state finals for QLD!


Who are your role models?

My Father, Gary John Fitch. He raised me all on his own since I was about 4 or 5, along with my 2 brothers and 1 sister. My family went through a very dark period when I was only a toddler & my dad was the glue that kept us all together. He just keeps on giving, even when he has nothing left to give. He is the definition of benevolence. I have a lot of reverential respect for my dad & he is the reason I strive to be the best person I can possibly be, with a lot of love to give & no judgment passed because that is the least I can give after the sacrifices that my own blood had made all those years ago.

Tell me something interesting about yourself?

I am actually a social etiquette, body image & self-esteem coach at Buckingham Academy, the modelling school affiliated with my agency for the last 6 years (Katz Management). On top of these classes I also teach catwalk, photographic posing, casting techniques & fashion styling. My favourite class to teach would have to be the tiny tots (aged 4-6 years old) in their Television Casting classes. SO cute!!

What kind of preparations have you gone through for the competition?

It’s actually quite amusing to see the amount of youtube videos I have watched of past Miss Universe pageants to try to even BEGIN to gauge what might lie ahead of me. I have a confession, I have never in my life competed in a pageant before. I am a pageant virgin… But watching the countless videos (the beauties and the beasts… my GOSH some of the responses had me hysterically laughing!), asking my girlfriends questions, watching Miss Congeniality (haha not even joking) and from all that I have heard, I feel prepared to take this pageant head on and the rest will be a learning experience.