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Dear Pageant Girl,

On the 14th of March, we wrote about Jenna Talackova – a Miss Universe Canada contestant and transsexual.

The day our blog was published, her profile disappeared and for a few days we were unsure as to what happened to this statuesque beauty.  There were no mentions on other blogs or newsfeeds about her fate and our emails to the Beauties of Canada went unanswered.

Read all about it here

Today, some sites have announced the news that Jenna is officially back on the candidate’s listing and is now eligible to compete for the Miss Universe Canada crown.

While nowhere does it say on the Miss Universe Canada site that one must be genetically born a woman, it is implied that one must be a woman in order to compete.  Under Canadian law, Jenna is legally a woman thus allowing her to compete in the pageant.

This truly is a controversial move by the Miss Universe Canada organisers and we applaud theirs and Jenna’s courage in making a stand and proving to the world that the essence of being a woman isn’t necessarily what is found between your legs but rather what is in your heart and in your soul.


Publicity stunt?  We hope not. Canada has never been known to be as enthusiastic as its southern sisters when it comes to beauty pageants.  When Natalie Glebova won in 2005, her victory was barely celebrated prompting the Canadian beauty to relocate to Thailand to capitalise on her win.

Yet the Trump-owned organisation is no stranger to courting controversy. If it means giving the Miss Universe title more air time and column inches in publicity, then go ahead and sell your soul….just make it work.

Do we think Jenna will be successful?  We’re not quite sure if the world is ready for it yet.  But whether or not the time is right for a transsexual Miss Universe, it’s high time we had someone as brave as Jenna to step forward and represent. This could be the beginning of a revolution.

********* JENNA UPDATE: MARCH 25 **************

Unfortunately it has been reported today that Jenna is once again out of the competition.  According to pageant organisers, Jenna was disqualified for claiming to be a  “naturally born female” on her registration form.  According to Denis Davila, Beauties of Canada owner and organiser, ” the rules are very clear and there’s no way we can go back on it.”

Are the rules really that clear though?  I had a look at the rules page when this big bruhaha started and nowhere does it state that one must be born genetically a female. 

Sorry, the rules are not as clear and there are PLENTY of loopholes.  Dear Pageant Girl will keep a very close eye on this and wish Jenna all the best for the future. In or out, Jenna sure gave everyone something to think and talk about and we salute you for that.