Dear Pageant Girl,

OK, I have to admit I am getting a little bored with the whole Jenna Talackova scandal, but just when I thought I have had enough of the whole “transsexuals in pageants debate”, I woke up this morning to see THIS on the Critical Beauty Facebook Page:



Presenting to you, Balian Buschbaum.

Prior to 2008, Balian was Yvonne, a champion German pole vaulter. 

Yes, Balian was born a woman and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2007.


According to controversial pageant message board Missosology (thank you Missosology for the pics and the info),  there are rumours that Balian will be competing in the 2013 edition of Mister World. 

Now, we all know that due to the passionate nature of many of its members,the Missosology message board isn’t always the most accurate of news sources, but bless their hearts it sure does get people talking!

Dear Pageant Girl awaits the confirmation of whether or not this rumour has legs or if it’s simply…. a whole lot of cock and bull.