Dear Pageant Girl,

The adage “one day you’re hot and the next day you’re not” rings no truer than in the fickle business of beauty pageants.

In this industry, you have to find what sets you apart – what makes you different; what gets you noticed and playing that up.

Case in point, the dreaded Tsunami Walk made popular by the gorgeous Shamcey Supsup, Miss Philippines Universe 2011.

According to Supsup, the ‘tsunami walk’ is a way of describing her strut down the pageant stage that sought to “blow away” the judges.

As much as I personally cannot stand the Tsunami Walk (a matter of preference) Shamcey no doubt used this to her advantage and is one of the smartest moves from a marketing point of view, allowing Shamcey to hold off her “used by date” a little longer. People will no doubt remember this for years to come and will forever compare many other struts to Shamcey’s.

I remember people trashing Jennifer Hawkins’ ‘pony walk’ in 2004. As ridiculous as it looked, Jennifer stood out from the pack for this very reason.

And it has obviously left an impact in many pageant lovers’ hearts and memories.

Another case in point: my darling friend Andrew Taza.

Apologies for the poor lighting of this video but we shot this after a couple of shots of tequila outside of The Colombian at Darlinghurst on a rainy night.

Whenever I’m down or need a little pick me up, I just look at this video and no matter how many times I see it, it still brings a smile to my face.

I am still shocked at how accurate it is.

Check out this video below.

It is your job to leave such a legacy.

Prance, girl, prance!