Dear Pageant Girl,

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And let’s face it…nothing is original anymore.  Imitation, passed off as inspiration happens more than you think in beauty pageants.  Especially in the area of evening gowns.

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 1998, Joyce Giraud, drew inspiration from Miss Venezuela Universe 1994, Minorka Mercado when she designed her one shoulder greek goddess competition gown.

Miss Finland Universe 1996, Lola Odusoga cleverly updated Miss Venezuela Universe 1990’s black and white creation:





And it was a case of same same but different with Miss France Universe 1996 and Miss France Universe 2001.


Miss France 1996 and Miss France 2001

And don’t even get me started on the recycled gowns that seem to do the rounds in South America!

Imagine my surprise (and disgust) when I saw this video of Kesiah Papasin – a Miss Canada Universe 2012 candidate:

Now, many of you may wonder “what’s wrong with that answer?  She seems to have answered it in a clever and insightful way.”

Well, watch this closely:

The clip you just saw is from the question and answer segment of the Miss Universe 1994 pageant, the winning answer delivered by none other than the beautiful Sushmita Sen.

Let me start with the positives.

It is clear that Kesiah does her research.  Like a true pageant girl she researches past winners, dissects their strategy and uses what she learns to gain a competitive advantage.

But this is just plagiarism.  And a bad attempt at that.  There wasn’t even an attempt to mix the words around to make it sound…different.

To use someone else’s answer verbatim and not give credit where credit is due is distasteful. Considering that this was only 18 years ago, pageant veterans were quick to pounce on this faux pas.  For goodness sakes Kesiah, did you think we came down in the last shower?

So a word of warning Dear Pageant Girl – be inspired.

But don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Do so at your own peril.