Dear Pageant Girl,


Ahhhhh the beauty of having a beauty from across the pond to do reporting on our behalf.  Dear Pageant Girl has asked our USA correspondent to come up with his predictions for this year’s Miss USA pageant and below is his list complimented by his witty observations.  Do you agree?


A new Miss USA is about to be crowned tonight and the whole world will be watching. There are 51 beautiful ladies competing but I can only chose 10 to be the clear standouts base on their performance and overall impression during the preliminaries, interviews and my ‘gut’ instinct and they are: 

TEXAS USA this year SCREAMS ‘pageant pro’ but in reality she is a high-caliber-blond -bombshell-newbie with all the right credentials: tall, blond and TEXAS

RHODE ISLAND USA is the perfect balance of the girl next door and the hot babe that you wish lived next door. Rhode Island for me exudes the serenity, genuineness and the eloquence of a true Miss USA.

It is rare to see a delegate get an official commercial from a major sponsor while still competing which makes me think OHIO USA is destined to be in the Top 5 or possibly the ‘chosen’ one to win Miss USA this year. 
Ohio might just ‘sweep’ the competition off the floor this year with that stunning yellow old ball gown.

Hard to deny MICHIGAN USA the credit she deserves. She is young, beautiful, sexy with a charismatic stage presence. She reminds me of a younger Priscilla Perrales (Miss Mexico 2006) and we all know what happened to her in Tokyo. Expect her to serve up some heat in our nation’s desert paradise.

Sassy, personable and real, NEVADA USA is a strong delegate worthy of a Top 5 spot. She is under the care of first time Nevada state director and former Miss USA 1995 Shana Moakler and with her on her side anything is possible.

Love or hate her, CALIFORNIA USA came prepared with all the right moves to possibly win a back-to-back title for her state. A former ANTM finalist, is she America’s next Miss USA?

DELAWARE USA could easily break the ‘Delaware Curse’ that has haunted their state since the origins of the pageant. She has a larger than life personality and an infectious laugh. It would be even more amazing to see her win tonight to break the drought of all pageant droughts!

GEORGIA USA won me over with her evening gown competition! The contrast of her white gown on her beautiful skin was pure perfection. In her interviews she is solid and personable and that is a great advantage.

There is a lot of noise surrounding ALABAMA USA this year and I had to find out what the commotion is all about. What I found was a tall, beautiful and polished lady determined to take home the crown after her state’s strong finish last year. 

I have had the honor to work with Miss MARYLAND USA and the very first impression I got from her was that her legs are just as tall as I am! She is a beautiful woman inside and out with a quiet, calm confidence. 

Rounding off the Top 15



Counting down the hours to the show – let’s see how well our correspondent did! FYI, our lists are almost identical….