Dear Pageant Girl,

Wow, what an interesting night!  We have just come back from the MUA Kooey Swimwear competition and the talent tonight was amazing.

Hosted by Scherri-Lee Biggs who looked resplendent in a gold sequinned dress, the Trak Lounge event was an opportunity for the girls burn the runway and I have to say – everyone brought their A Game tonight, judging from the crowd’s reaction.  Scherri Lee for Kooey looked amazing on stage – the swimsuits were fun, playful, sexy and elegant.

With so many beautiful and fit girls, it has been an absolute struggle to put together our list.  Dear Pageant Girl HQ almost got into a cat fight with DPG QLD and VIC over our lists but we have come to a consensus (minus the scratches) and below is DPG’s short list.  In no particular order:


Mary Vitinaros, Victoria:  The runaway star for the Kooey swimwear show.  With her height and amazing gown this girl is pretty hard to ignore.  Her swimwear performance caught everyone by surprise and if it came down to body and stage projection Mary would be guaranteed a top twelve spot. 


Madeline Taylor, QLD: This girl is here to win. Even though she has been struck down by a nasty cold, Maddy has raised the bar and is a force to be reckoned with.  She is a girl that Australia would be proud of to send overseas. The complete package, Maddy is one to watch out for in this competition.


Renae Ayris, WA:  Renae has been a hot favourite in the lead up to the competition and the girl is living up to the hype.  An amazing body, incredibly photogenic and with X Factor in spades, Renae puts the fear of God in the hearts of many contestants.  Down to earth and incredibly friendly, Renae needs to work on her voice modulation on stage, but other than that, definitely one to watch out for.


Amy Fromm, South Australia: Amy is one of the sweetest and most down to earth girls I have met in the pageant.  But don’t let her sweet demeanour fool you – this girl has one of the strongest faces in the competition and in my opinion, could be the girl to put South Australia on the map. 


Susie Leigh, QLD: What can I say, the judges love this girl and we can see why. Susie has that true blue Aussie vibe and oozes confidence on stage. Very engaging, Susie is making the right impressions on the right people.  Expect her to bring it on finals night.


Cathy Cowdroy, NSW: Cathy oozes sex appeal.  This girl walks on stage and you just can’t keep your eyes off her.  Definitely caught us by surprise and we would be shocked if she doesn’t make it into the Top 12.


Kirsten Clements, WA: One of out first Stunner Alerts, Kirsten shines on stage.  Not only is she an amazing beauty, but her fun personality translates well on stage. Western Australia serves up another pro with this girl. 


Cassie Hancock, VIC: I am almost too embarrassed to admit this, but Cassie flew way under my radar until this week. Cassie’s personality lights up a room and everyone she talks to falls in love with her. Personality aside, Cassie’s competition styling is spot on.  She took my breath away on day 1, and her Kooey performance did not disappoint. Cassie is peaking at the right time.


Leah Johnson, VIC: Leah is the most unusually beautiful contestants in the competition.  EVERYONE notices her. Leah is the perfect combination of pageant and high fashion. Her experience as an Australia’s Next Top Model contestant has assisted her greatly in the competition although with so many beautiful girls this year, Leah needs to up her game and be the competitor that we know she is. Leah is the girl next door with the supermodel looks. 


Julia P Clarke, VIC: What a difference a year makes! Julia has done her research and has come back a force to be reckoned with.  She talks the talk and walks the walk and listening to her, you can tell she wants the crown and will do anything to get it.  Not the tallest of girls, but her look and her personality more than compensates for that. 


Lucy Tuttiet, QLD: The moment I saw this girl, I immediately thought “Darryl Hannah”.  This girl has made a splash and is a favourite of the judges.  Her personality and drive wins people over and this girl could pull an upset! 


Melinda Kemp, NSW: NSW gives good face with Melinda.  Based on beauty alone Melinda would be guaranteed a spot in the top twelve.  A fabulous girl, she is her biggest competition.  Melinda needs to harness the power of her beauty and if she does that, she would be a force to be reckoned with.


Sophia Flynn, WA: Sophia burned the runway tonight at the Kooey show.  A rocking body, Sophia knows her to work the stage and in my humble opinion had the best runway performance of the night.

Nicole Rosetto, NSW: With a few pageants under her belt, Nicole has one of the best bodies in the competition.  Bubble and incredibly charming, Nicole is an absolute pro working the stage.

Sunny Lungan, WA: Sunny is one of the most exotic and friendliest girls in the competition.  Her confidence is only matched by her beauty and I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we hear from this girl. Keep a close eye on her.

Sarah Butler, NT: Sarah has surprised me.  This girl has a confidence and authority that in undeniable.  Her smile lights up a room and delivers a very strong interview.

Dani Byrnes, QLD: This little pocket rocket and pageant veteran doesn’t disappoint.  Dani has a cool confidence and is all business – she has her eye on the crown and is determined not to leave Melbourne without it. Her body is to die for. Watch out Madonna.

Tracey-Lee Beswick, VIC: This girl is a pleasant surprise. An amazing body, Tracy Lee is here to win and is giving this competition her all. She almost did not make the finals due to some scoring miscalculations but we are glad that was sorted and her presence makes this a true competition.


OK kids, it is way past my bedtime, DPG needs his beauty sleep so keep a close eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on finals night.  We will be posting our videos from the last two days online in about a week so watch out for that.  Dear Pageant Girl will continue to bring you the latest on the MUA pageant, so until then, sweet dreams!