Less than three weeks ago, a tall gangly blonde 19 year old model from Victoria contacted Dear Pageant Girl just after the Miss Universe Australia VIC State Finals.


Fresh faced and incredibly green to the scene, Mary Vitinaros had height and a youth on her side, setting her apart and literally standing head and shoulders over most of her competitors.

Reserved and with a quiet energy, Mary was a soft spoken girl who many overlooked.

Bur her biggest advantage was how the world underestimated her.


Ambitious with a quiet, but fierce desire to win and a wicked sense of humour, Mary contacted Dear Pageant Girl for tips and assistance on how to gain that competitive advantage.  DPG HQ then mobilised DPG Victoria, Robert Collier and immediately he was on to the case.

The two shared many things in common (and yes both are about 6ft tall) and in the next three weeks quietly worked together on a plan of action on how to quickly polish this diamond in the rough.


The training continued in the lead up to the national finals – attempting to diffuse certain weak areas by accentuating her strengths. 

By the time the Kooey Runway Show came about Mary served it up and it was clear to EVERYONE that she had arrived.

This just goes to show that with research, determination, an openness to learn and a dedication to better oneself can lead to success.

From dark horse to Miss Universe Australia first runner up, DPG wants to extend a heartfelt congratulations to our Victorian Dear Pageant Girl, Mary Vitinaros.

It truly has been an honour.