Dear Pageant Girl,

It’s refreshing to see an Australian pageant bring it back to basics and really embrace our Indigenous heritage.

I couldn’t help but smile when the Miss World Australia organisation sent me the main event itinerary for the 4 day finals. On paper it looks fabulous, relevant and in keeping with their motto of “Beauty with a Purpose”.

The Miss World organisation has long been a champion of using their powers for the betterment of the community.  The organisation is not just about raising awareness, but in being women of their words and raising money for their causes.

The beauty of it is the fact that charity doesn’t end and start with the winner.  Every contestant is encouraged to raise money to support the organisation’s charity of choice and are judged accordingly. This pageant is about finding beautiful women who are not afraid to stand up and use their physical beauty and profile to make a difference. It’s about beautiful, healthy, talented and empowered women empowering others to make a positive impact in their communities.

This year, contestants are encouraged to raise money for the children of Lilla.

Below is a snippet of the contestant’s itinerary.  Follow us at DPG as we update you on the events as it happens!

Day 1: Contestants arrive at Ayers Rock and shuttled to their campsite. (CAMPSITE! This should be interesting.  I was sent the following photo and Im not sure if this is going to be their accommodation for the night, but I am rubbing my hands with glee and hoping that it is!).  The girls will then have an hour to get ready before the first Fast Track event: Fitness.

Day 2: Contestants head to Lilla Community.  This is a 3.5 hour bus ride and on arrival will be taken by the female Elders of the community around the sacred sites and given a backgrounder on the community and the challenges they face every day.  Fast Track Event number 2: The Top Model Challenge will take place in the surroundings. This challenge is designed to push the girls to adapt to different situations and how to act as a professional model in all types of scenarios.

Day 3: The girls will meet with the Mutijulu Elders who will be their tour guide, giving them an introduction into Aboriginal Law and Culture and will share with them stories and accounts of desert survival. The tour will end with the ladies visiting the Mutijulu Community.  The evening’s event will see the announcement of the winners of the Beauty with a Purpose and Top Model Fast Track events.  Fast Track 3 starts off tonight with the girls competing in the Talent competition.

Day 4: Finals to be held at Sunset at the Sounds of Silence Dinner. (HOW FABULOUS). This is as iconic as holding the pageant at the Opera House.  No wait, this is BIGGER. I used to be a travel agent in a former life and I remember selling packages to the Sounds of Silence and dying of envy that my clients could go and I can’t.  We are talking dinner on ochre sand, under a billion stars with Uluru in the background. This is GLAM, darling.

So keep a close eye on Dear Pageant Girl’s Facebook page for updates.  We have some serious stunners competing this year, so watch out for our Stunner Alerts!

For more information, please go to www.missworld-australia.com