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Dear Pageant Girl,

There are some girls who have competed in pageant circles who are born so special that often, their reputation preceeds them.  Many of these girls instill fear, intimidation and sometimes dread in the hearts of other competitors, not because they are necessarily nasty, but because of their incredible beauty and presence.

Most of these women hail from the Americas: Shandi Finnessy and Tara Conner (from the USA), Ingrid Rivera (from Puerto Rico) and most of the gorgeous Trini girls who have competed both in Miss World and Miss Universe.

Our first ever Miss World Stunner Alert hails from Sydney.

And an exotic one at that.

I first took notice of this young lady when she competed for Miss Universe Australia in 2009.  Back then I would compare her to a young colt – finding her feet but not quite ready to run, though from what I had seen had all the makings of a champion race horse.

In saying that, this young lady is no novice.  She has competed in other pageants and have placed relatively well – 5th in the Miss International pageant in 2008 and 3rd runner up at the prestigious Miss Lebanon pageant.

I have seen her from a distance in various events and she is one of the few young women who have rendered me speechless. Terrifying in her beauty but warm in her presence, she will now be competing for the prestigious crown of Miss World Australia 2012.

Kicking off our Miss World Australia 2012 Stunner Alert – I present to you, a true representative of Australia’s multicultural face: Jessica Kahawaty.


What is your motivation in joining Miss World Australia?

Miss World Australia is a pageant synonymous with elegance, grace, beauty and charity. My main motivation rested on the peace of mind that it is an organisation based on morals with a strong charitable foundation. My motivation also embodied hope and a strong desire to potentially becoming an inspiring role model and ambassador for Australia!

What do you know about Miss World Australia and its Beauty with a Purpose motto?

The Beauty with a Purpose motto is the basis for projects held by Miss World national contestants that raise charitable funds and make lasting contributions to the lives of the disadvantaged. Having raised hundreds of millions of dollars, I believe that Julia Morley as head of the organisation, is the epitome of poise and kindness, a true philanthropist in this day and age, who teaches women that our beauty can be used for powerful charitable purposes.

Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

They definitely are. Pageants are an opportunity for women to be ambassadors for their countries and use their title for beneficial social and charitable purposes. Pageants also yield self-confidence for women. Miss World in particular does so, as it allows contestants to demonstrate their talents and fitness abilities.

Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a thrilling 4-day experience in the Northern Territory. I am hoping to gain a deep insightful journey of self-discovery in one of the most beautiful places on earth with the rest of the representatives.

Who are your role models?

There are definitely many women I look up to such as Queen Rania of Jordan (due to her philanthropic work with children and education) and Aishwarya Rai (former Miss World 1994 with a successful career). I admire powerful women who use their influence for a greater good!

Tell me something interesting about yourself

I have never tried coffee in my life!


What kind of preparations have you undergone for the competition?

Miss World Australia, unlike any other pageant has interesting and challenging components such as talent, fitness and beach body. I have been on a strict training regime to ensure that I am fit and have endurance. I have also been practicing my classical piano skills and of course refraining from eating chocolate (well, don’t tell anyone but I have cheated once or twice!)

Prior to joining this competition, what previous pageant experiences have you had?

My first pageant was at 17 years old! I won a local pageant called Miss Lebanon Australia. I then proceeded to Miss Lebanon International and was successful so I represented Lebanon in Miss International 2008 where I came 5th out of 75 countries. I am so grateful for my experiences as they have really taught and prepared me for what’s to come!

Hypothetically, if you had a 14-year old daughter who had a crooked nose that affected her self-esteem would you let her have plastic surgery?

I would definitely wait for an appropriate and healthy age for my daughter to have the procedure. I would also address her self-confidence issues through open communication. I think that if an aspect of someone’s body starts to affect their self-esteem and spirit, a simple and advanced medical treatment will not be of harm. As long as people do not exploit their body through regular and unnecessary invasive procedures that drastically change their features, I am for it.

How would you promote the Beauty with a Purpose message to Australian media?

Beauty with a Purpose as mentioned, revolves around charitable work of beautiful and powerful women. I would embark on non-profit projects for a multitude of issues, get young women involved and bring a holistic approach so that I appeal to all causes. I would bring the media’s attention to not just my words but actions and cast light to a wide range of environmental, social and charitable issues that I would advocate for on behalf of Australia.

What is the greatest gift anyone gave you?

I received a star in my name for my 21st birthday in the Virgo constellation! Now all I need is a telescope…

What are your views on privacy rights for those in the public eye?  Should they be different from the rest of the population?

Privacy is a human right and I believe people should be respected both privately and publicly. I do believe there are perils of being a public figure and nobody should be subjected to intimidation or harassment. However, as long as privacy is respected and the media uses its role in a positive and informative matter, those in the public eye may experience an advantage!

What makes up the quintessential woman?

A woman should always be three things; elegant, poised and compassionate. A quintessential woman is one that is career driven, family oriented and an ambassador for her community.


Do you think we should censor the Internet?

The internet is an important part of our global culture with a multitude of individual and societal benefits. I do however believe that censorship can be implemented in the household if required. Nevertheless, in my experience as a university student, I have found it to be a wonderful tool for research, work and networking if used correctly and responsibly.

Tell me why you should be Miss World Australia 2012.

It would be a dream, a privilege, to be Miss World Australia; to work hard and side-by-side with the organisation. It would also be an honour to carry Australia’s name abroad and to, most importantly, inspire young women to set goals, dream, work hard and succeed.