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Dear Pageant Girl,

And the stunners continue to emerge for this year’s Miss World Australia competition, this time, from Victoria. 

But don’t underestimate this beauty. 

With a Young Australian of the Year Award under her belt as well as a Miss World Australia award for Communication and Commitment at her first attempt at the crown, this young lady has her eyes firmly fixed on the prize and has everything on paper to take it all.

Read her interview and you will see that not only is she a striking beauty, but a force to be reckoned with when it comes to interview.  Give the girl a microphone and she’s sure to give the other contestants a run for their money!

And oh.  Much respect and admiration to a girl who can carry off bold, red lipstick!

Introducing this stunner from the queen city of the south, Laura Jane Corker.



What is your motivation in joining Miss World Australia?

My main motivation for joining Miss World Australia rested solely on the notion that the pageant represents young women who exemplify beauty, intellect and empathy. Young women who have the ability to embody and promote Australia’s healthy lifestyle, our cultures and traditions and the generosity, intelligence and spirit of our young Australian women, whilst acting as ambassadors to charity and becoming positive role models, inspiring others to get involved in making a positive difference.


What do you know about Miss World Australia and its Beauty with a Purpose motto?

I can define the Miss World Australia adage ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ only as, that moment when a beautiful woman enters a room and captures the attention of every person there. Though powerful this is not the true purpose of beauty, rather it is her ability to turn that attention into a blanket for the homeless, greater awareness of an environmental issue, or the smile on the face of a terminally ill child. That is the true gift and purpose of beauty that is strongly encouraged and supported by the Miss World Australia organisation.


Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

Pageants are constantly criticized for being outdated; however Miss World Australia in particular promotes healthy body image, strongly encourages philanthropy and acts as a platform for young Australian women to serve as ambassadors to charity and become positive role models while representing the spirit of our country. How many other organisations today give young women that opportunity?


Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

I already feel so fortunate to have been given this opportunity to represent everything that Australia stands for. I hope to gain greater awareness of our traditional land owners and experience first-hand our nation’s oldest traditions. I am also really looking forwarding to meeting all of the amazing contestants!


Who are your role models?

I hold enormous admiration for Ivanka Trump. Despite the fact that Ivanka grew up in a world of enormous privilege she chose to use her personal merit to forge her own path, all whilst maintaining an elegant, strong and charitable figure to the ever imposing media eye. Conversely I also look up to Lindsay Fox for his tremendous work ethic and raw business savvy in creating a multibillion dollar company from the ground up.


Tell me something interesting about yourself

I am fortunate enough to have been honoured with a Young Australian of the Year Award for my commitment to the development of young people, and my work with various charities.


What kind of preparations have you undergone for the competition?

In preparation for the competition I have been focusing strongly on my Beauty with a Purpose initiatives to raise funds for the Lilla Community in the Northern Territory. I am also maintaining my regular health and fitness regime to ensure that I am looking and feeling my best for the pageant. In addition I have been teaching myself to belly dance for the talent section of Miss World Australia!


Prior to joining this competition, what previous pageant experiences have you had?

I first entered Miss World Australia when I was only 18, taking out the Communication and Commitment award. The experience encouraged me to continue my charity work and the development of young people. My past experience has hopefully put me in good stead for the upcoming competition!


If your parents were against you marrying your boyfriend what would you do?

This is a situation I would never find myself in. My parents are incredibly supportive of everything I do and have brought me up to be confident in my own decisions. I am very considerate and respectful of my parent’s opinions however they would never want them to dictate my choices in life.


Hypothetically, if you had a 14 year old daughter who had a crooked nose that affected her self esteem would you let her have plastic surgery?

I remember being that 14 year old girl who wasn’t 100% happy with the shape of my nose. I think it is important as a parent to address the underlying self esteem issues and focus on the positive attributes of your child, both physically and mentally while they are in this crucial stage of personal development. I know as I got older I began to embrace my features and managed to forge a successful modeling career as a result. If my daughter’s self esteem continued to be affected into her adult years then I would support her decision to undergo the procedure.


How would you promote the Beauty with a Purpose message to Australian media?

I would promote the Beauty with a Purpose message to the media by ensuring that they capture not only the external beauty of young Australian women, but their passionate determination and resolve in raising funds and awareness for their chosen charities. I personally would promote my benevolent, hands-on approach to supporting charitable causes.


If you could take 1 person into space with you who would it be?

I would take my younger brother and sister (don’t make me choose between them!). As an older sister I am incredibly protective and supportive of my siblings, I want for them to have every opportunity for an enlightened and successful future.


What is the greatest gift anyone gave you?

My coffee machine!! The famous artist Stephanie Piro once quoted “Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee” To this I can relate!


What are your views on privacy rights for those in the public eye?  Should they be different from the rest of the population?

It is my strong opinion that everyone has a right to their own privacy. However, in the case of celebrities, they are reliant day-to-day on the media to maintain their profile and as a result may at times have to endure certain perils that the general population may not be subject to. Essentially the individual celebrities and the media are fuelling each other’s careers, and it is simply a matter of determining clear privacy boundaries to ensure the safety of both parties involved.


What makes up the quintessential woman?

I don’t believe in the quintessential woman. I believe that all women are individual and unique and should we be celebrated for our differences rather than be forced to fit a particular mould.  


Do you think we should censor the Internet?

I consider the negative ramifications of media censorship such as religious and political coercion and the encroachment of freedom of speech to greatly outweigh any feasible advantages of such suppression. That being said, if the internet is being used as a tool for the corruption of children for example then legal action should be implored to nullify the offending site.


Tell me why you should be Miss World Australia 2012

It would be an absolute honour to represent our country as Miss World Australia 2012. I possess all of the necessary attributes to be an ambassador to charity and a positive role model to young Australian women, inspiring them to make their dreams their future.