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Dear Pageant Girl

And another blonde beauty, this time from the sunny state of Queensland.

DPG QLD first laid eyes on this girl at this year’s QLD State Finals and was gob smacked that she did not progress any further.

Oh well, their loss.  Can anyone remember Amber Greasley?  Yup, that’s right.  Miss Universe Australia’s loss is Miss World Australia’s gain.

Smart, dedicated, ambitious and a natural stunner, we expect this girl to make some waves. She’s one of the top ten tap dancers in the world, so girls, when you hear the tap tap tapping of those little shoes coming from behind, be afraid…be very afraid.

Keep a close eye on this one, she might just bring the national crown back to the land of Queens.

Introducing Katherine Johnson.

What is your motivation in joining Miss World Australia?

I have aspired to be a part of the Miss World Australia pageant for as long as I can remember. As much as the beautiful gowns and limelight appeal to me, the pageant’s fundamental values represent the kind of woman that I hope to embody: an elegant, intelligent woman who actively cultivates her abilities and ambitions and seeks to encourage other people to do the same.


What do you know about Miss World Australia and its Beauty with a Purpose motto?

Miss World is the longest running beauty pageant with a worldwide audience of over 1 billion people. ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ is the foundation of the pageant, raising over 400 million US dollars and helping thousands in need.


Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

At a personal level, as long as we have women who dream to be something bigger then themselves, and have the drive to contribute back to the community, pageants will continue to be relevant. Miss World Australia provides the winner with resources to drive her charity work by reaching a larger audience. At an industry perspective, I have also met so many inspiring people on my journey for Miss World Australia 2012; photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers, journalists, pageant consultants and personal trainers.

Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

To network with inspiring people, learn from their experiences and continue to build my self-confidence.


Who are your role models?

Tara Winkler who founded the Cambodian Children’s Trust in 2007. Tara discovered an orphanage where the orphans were being physically, emotionally and sexually abused and where the orphanage director was embezzling the donated funds. This meant that the children had very little care and often had to catch mice from the fields to eat. Tara established the Cambodian Childrens Trust to create a safe home for these children.  She now lives in Battambang where looks after 46 children and families on a full-time basis and works to create sustainable enterprise.

Tell me something interesting about yourself

I’ve been tap dancing since I was 3! I represented Australia at the World Tap Championships in Germany where I ranked 9th in the world. I now teach a young girl who suffers from a physical disability due to a childhood vaccination.


What kind of preparations have you undergone for the competition?

Healthy eating and nutrition, a lot of fitness training and spending time doing things that make me happy!


Prior to joining this competition, what previous pageant experiences have you had?

I entered the Miss Universe Australia 2012 pageant where I was a Queensland State Finalist.

If your parents were against you marrying your boyfriend what would you do?

I hope I would never be put in that situation. However, I would sincerely consider their advice and wisdom. My parents have raised and moulded me into the confident young woman that I am today. They have also taught me to be happy with my own decisions and life choices.


Hypothetically, if you had a 14 year old daughter who had a crooked nose that affected her self esteem would you let her have plastic surgery?

Sadly, so many young girls have self- esteem issues in their teens. You develop so much maturity between the ages of 14 and 19, I would ask my daughter to wait until she had developed this maturity and then she could make her own decision.


How would you promote the Beauty with a Purpose message to Australian media?

I believe every Australian wants the opportunity to give back to their local community and to make a difference. Beauty with a Purpose makes these opportunities more accessible to them. I would launch a campaign on Facebook to target the younger generation and target the older demographic through the use of radio and television. Talkback radio is especially important as it encourages interaction within the community. If you are passionate about what you are promoting, then your passion will be infectious and will encourage others to be involved.


What is the greatest gift anyone gave you?

My education is the greatest gift I have been given.


What are your views on privacy rights for those in the public eye?  Should they be different from the rest of the population?

If you’re in the public eye you have to be beyond reproach. With that level of exposure comes a responsibility. You are not only affecting yourself, but the people who work with you and those who look up to you.


Tell me why you should be Miss World Australia 2012.

I would be the best representative you could have. I thrive when I’m meeting people and am learning from others. I am honest, reliable, articulate and compassionate. But not only that, I have the drive, the passion and the personality; I strive every day to be better than the day before. I would be a representative the Miss World organization would be proud to have as an ambassador.