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Dear Pageant Girl,

There’s something to be said about leaving a lasting impression.  I first saw this girl compete in the 2010 Miss Universe Australia heats at Rosehill Racecourse, and I remember this girl put a smile on my face.

She didn’t have the best gown (if I remember correctly it was a yellow gown she made herself), she wasn’t the tallest of girls and she didn’t have the glitzy glam stylings one would expect from a beauty queen.

But she had a smile and a personality that would melt the most judgmental of hearts and while I don’t remember her question and answer, I do remember being impressed at how she conducted herself, hence earning her a place at the state finals.

Now, as I look at the Miss World Australia 2012 line up, I see her name on that list and again, I smile.

By golly be prepared to have your socks off by her presence and her personality.  Looking at her recent pictures it looks like Rosemarie has done her research and has blossomed into a real contender.

Watch out world, hurricane Marino is coming your way.

What is your motivation in joining Miss World Australia?

I have joined Miss World Australia because I want to give a voice to those who are not heard. Not everybody has the confidence to stand up for what they believe in and I want to be somebody that people can relate to.


What do you know about Miss World Australia and its Beauty with a Purpose motto?

Miss World is the longest running beauty pageant since the 1950s. It has huge worldwide exposure but is not just a catwalk competition. The Beauty with a Purpose motto is the main reason I wanted to be a part- It gives women the chance to use their looks to benefit others not just themselves. Charities and causes all over the world are receiving so much help from contestants every year and it is amazing the difference we can make as a team!

Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

Pageants may not seem relevant to the commoner in this day and age- but they are! Miss World raises awareness for amazing causes all around the world, including the smaller ones that nobody would normally hear about. For example our work with the Lilla community! Most other pageants also aim to raise awareness for a cause too- E.g. Environmental issues


Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

Nerdy I know.. but I hope to learn! I have a huge travel bug and I love nothing more than experiencing new cultures. Learning more about the history of Ayers Rock and the Lilla community is going to be something to remember forever. I believe educating yourself and others on a new culture is one of the most satisfying things in life- and I also hope to gain a new circle of amazing friends J


Who are your role models?

My family are my role models. They always have been, they always will be. I have never met anybody as logical and headstrong as they are. Through even the worst cards life has dealt us – I have learnt it is always important to know there is sunshine after the rain and nobody should give up.


Tell me something interesting about yourself

I have a huge musical background- born and bred to love every single genre there is known to man! I studied up until AMEB grade 7 classical piano, and I am an amateur guitar player… who knows may pick up singing again soon too ! I also just graduated from a Journalism degree.

What kind of preparations have you undergone for the competition?

Well first of all I have been brushing up on my talent section every day! It is hard to get back into the swing of things when it is a long break from your last examination period.  Secondly the gym and eating very healthy have been a huge priority. 2 hours per day most the time! Also- My Beauty with a Purpose charity fashion show planning has been insane… I would actually really enjoy event organizing but it is a stressful process when you have 50 thousand other things on your mind!


If your parents were against you marrying your boyfriend what would you do?

I would have to weigh out the pros and cons….check list? Hehe…jokes. I respect my family and their knowledge/life experience so I would listen to their reasons as to why they disapproved because it is not uncommon for people to be blinded by love or lust. The opinions of those who have your sincere best interests at heart are the ones worth listening to and there is no harm in taking into account a neutral third party too with situations like this.

Hypothetically, if you had a 14 year old daughter who had a crooked nose that affected her self esteem would you let her have plastic surgery?

Ooh you have brought up quite a controversial question here… I believe that it is not a positive thing to be giving children the idea that aren’t beautiful enough and need to change at such a young age. As much as it would be modern science used in this case to boost confidence, not just for vanity, it is still a decision for them to make alone once they are 18+


How would you promote the Beauty with a Purpose message to Australian media?

I would promote it in a fun way. There of course is the serious side to helping the less fortunate but if we can create events that are different and exciting then I do believe many more people will be willing to come on board and use their inner and outer beauty for a reason with the only benefit to themselves being to see somebody else happy!! 😀

“True happiness is giving it away” – One of my favourite quotes.


If you could take 1 person into space with you who would it be?

My sister!!! I would do anything for her. She is the like the sun to me…my best friend, mentor and we share a silly humour nobody else understands- I at least want there to be some comedy going on in space!

What makes up the quintessential woman?

The components I believe should be a part of the quintessential woman are:

  1. Intelligence- Ability to have a conversation on any level about any topic with poise and maturity.
  2. Confidence- The ability to light up a room with a warm smile. Somebody who is approachable and genuine.
  3. Sparkle- The ability to radiate beauty inside and out no matter what race, size or age she is.
  4. Empathy- The ability to want to help others without anything in return. E.g. charitable causes!

Tell me why you should be Miss World Australia 2012.

I should be Miss World Australia 2012 because I am a down to earth, relatable role model for young girls. I don’t want to sound cliché but I believe I am full of zest for life and I want to bring that zest to others! I have gone through every typical situation young people go through… the breakups, the friendship dramas, the family problems, the struggles when deciding what to do with your life and of course bullying. I want to be that person in the media that can be contactable for real optimistic advice that encourages high self esteem. Along with this I should be Miss World Australia because I think I have the pull to motivate others to do their part for charity and important causes to help all creatures great and small!