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Dear Pageant Girl,

It’s not unusual seeing the same faces in the pageant industry.  Already we have seen past competitors and Miss Universe Australia cross overs.

One girl caught the nation’s attention in 2009.

Her tall and slender frame caught the eyes of the country and sparked a debate that still rages on today – how thin is too thin?

Stephanie Naumoska competed in Miss Universe Australia and the controversy that she attracted almost eclipsed the pageant itself.  Standing at 5’11 and weighing in at 108 pounds at the time, Stephanie became the subject of much scrutiny and was accused by many as suffering from anorexia.  She even featured in A Current Affair and was shown eating at a barbecue with MUA director Deborah Miller (if in doubt, shove a lamb chop in your mouth on camera).

Judging her latest photos Stephanie is looking good.  Did she have anorexia?  Well, Im no expert but whatever she went through a couple of years ago has obviously left a lasting effect on her and she is now looking fuller and healthier and ready for another shot at the OTHER major crown.

In fact, not only is she ready physically but her interview shows that mentally, she has her eye on that crown.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this girl…..and oh yes. She’s hilarious.  Read her interview.  Great sense of humor.

Introducing, Stephanie Naumoska.

What is your motivation in joining Miss World Australia?

My main motivation is the “Beauty With A Purpose” Concept. It enables me to have a voice and communicate with people above and beyond just a physical attraction.


What do you know about Miss World Australia and its Beauty with a Purpose motto?

The beauty with a purpose is at the heart of Miss World and is what differentiates this pageant from other beauty competitions. Beauty with a purpose represents working vigorously to bring awareness and  raise funds for many good causes in Australia.


Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

Beauty pageants not only showcase beauty but talent and confidence. They are about character, personality  and presence, so therefore I do believe they are still relevant. To be able to appreciate and celebrate women’s beauty is a special addition.


Apart from the crown, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

I hope to be able to use this experience as a platform to further myself as a role model for young women and children and inspire them to pursue their dreams and never give up. I hope to encourage women and children to be focused and achieve all their goals regardless of the obstacles. If I can, you can.



Tell me something interesting about yourself  

I am someone who believes strongly in living a positive lifestyle. I am extremely passionate about expressing my belief in the Law of attraction. I find it so interesting to think of what you can achieve in your life, if you  apply this rule of believing in positive energy and attracting good things to ones self.

What kind of preparations have you undergone for the competition?

There is a lot of physical and mental preparation that take place. Physically, I am continuing to live a healthy active lifestyle, working out and eating the right foods. It is very important to nourish your body with the right vitamins and minerals that it needs. Mentally, you need to be focused, dedicated and commited to the cause. It also helps to be organised!


If your parents were against you marrying your boyfriend what would you do?

I believe in standing up for yourself and what you believe is the right decision. I would still marry my boyfriend. However I would also not let that decision affect my great relationship with my family, I would be sure to seek their opinions and still value them even if I don’t necessarily agree.


Hypothetically, if you had a 14 year old daughter who had a crooked nose that affected her self esteem would you let her have plastic surgery?

Yes, But not at 14. I do not have any plastic surgery but I am not against it. If you think that plastic surgery is going to improve your self esteem then that is the decision you make for yourself and your life. People have a right to feel good about themselves.


How would you promote the Beauty with a Purpose message to Australian media?

I would work hard to bring awareness to the Beauty with a Purpose concept as I think people are unaware of it and its a vital component in this competition. I would commit to explaining the importance of giving back to the less fortunate and how you can make a difference. Every little bit counts.


“Don’t give up, give back.” -sn


If you could take 1 person into space with you who would it be?

Yuri Gagarin. He knows what he’s doing.

What are your views on privacy rights for those in the public eye?  Should they be different from the rest of the population?

If you put yourself in a position to be constantly seen and heard then naturally your privacy will not be the same as those who don’t. It is something that comes along with ‘the job’. Everyone is entitled to their privacy but one must be prepared to be scrutinized. With great power comes responsibility. And as a role model you are entrusted with the power to set an example for others.


What makes up the quintessential woman?



Do you think we should censor the Internet?

What about the television and radio? Where do you draw the line on what to censor? I think it is up to the individual on what they choose to view.


Tell me why you should be Miss World Australia 2012. 

I am confident, determined, driven, enthusiastic and highly motivated. All qualities I believe a Miss World Australia should have and represent. As Miss World Australia I will not only do my very best to represent my country but also to win Miss World for Australia since Australia has not taken the title since 1972. – ITS TIME!