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Could 2012 be Australia’s year?

Now that the nation’s queens have been crowned for the world’s top tier pageants, the question is – could this finally be our year?

Will Renae Ayris bring back our third Miss Universe crown or will pageant veteran, Jessica Kahawaty be our best hope for winning our third Miss World?

The last four years has seen Australia step up their game and the standard of winners have risen considerably. 

In fact, I’m going to put it out there that had Jennifer Hawkins competed against any of our current winners, I doubt she would have done as well as she did.

Just when I thought we couldn’t get any stronger than Scherri-Lee and Amber, now comes Renae and Jessica.

Although like chalk and cheese at face value, these girls have one thing in common. 

They are hungry for the crown and are determined to do everything it takes to win.

Renae, with her blonde locks and golden tan, trim figure, sunny disposition and easy going personality embodies the quintessential beach babe – the girl who lives next door who everyone wants to be friends with.  She is everything that Australia is celebrated for – friendly people, easy going, outdoorsy, athletic, golden beaches, jeweled sunsets, red centres, mateship (I can keep going)…

On the other hand we have Jessica.  Exotic, dusky and with an elegance exemplified by the queens of the east – Jessica is everything that Australia is also celebrated for – diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance – a melting pot of the world’s colors and flavors and a representation of the best of all worlds.

Both very different.

Both quintessential Australians.

I can’t think of a better combo to represent our nation in Miss World and Miss Universe.

I’m excited.

Feast your eyes on our Terrific Two….