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Dear Pageant Girl,

Boy oh boy have got a treat for you!

Julie Sufi of Belluccio (the woman behind the controversial national costume for Miss World Australia) has shared with us initial images for Jessica Kahawaty’s final gown for Miss World Australia.

Big deal for us considering she was assassinated for the national costume (which to those in the know will tell you it is an AMAZING design and the best to date).

We can tell you that:

The dress is a last minute addition to the wardrobe.

We found out that two other countries had similar gowns to Jessica.

A frantic phone call ensued and Julie had to come up with a new gown at the eleventh hour after scanning what gowns were already on show at Miss World.

It was decided that Royal Purple was the way to go as noone else was wearing this shade.

The gown is made from silk chiffon with a sheer neckline, sequin, glass bead detail and a daring front split.

Julie will personally fly to Ordos, Mongolia to hand deliver the dress to Jessica before the finals on the 18th of August.

It has the seal of approval from Dear Pageant Girl. 😉

Feast your eyes on Goddess Alana – and I’m sure you will agree that she is GORGEOUS.