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Dear Pageant Girl,

In August 2011, I wrote about the media hullaballoo over Jennifer Hawkins’ face.

The question du jour was, “did she, or didn’t she?”

They were alluding to of course, the difference in her face over the years.

Now, I don’t want to pass judgment and quite frankly, if I had her money, I’d get everything done. We all have our insecurities.

While mine isn’t an insecurity per se, the two parts of my body that I am very proud of are my legs and yes, my lips.

While my legs have pretty much remained the way that they are since blossoming out of puberty, I have started to notice my lips shrink over the years.

Now, I may sound conceited by just stating the fact that genetically I have been blessed with full, luscious lips. People would comment on it, and I would gladly accept their compliments.

But lately – well, let’s just say my lips haven’t been as triumphantly luscious as I would want them to be.

In February I made a decision to do something about this and “freshen them up”, and I knew exactly who to go to for guidance and eventual treatment.

I have known Matty Samaei for a couple of years now.  You may have seen her from a previous Miss Universe telecast proudly waving the Aussie flag like a woman having an epileptic fit making a gorgeous spectacle of herself in the crowd.  But you’ve most probably have seen her on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, where she is the resident beauty expert.

Matty has been doing the circles for a while now.  She was one of the founders of the Botox Movement here in Australia and has even helped pioneer the “Liquid Facelift” – an alternative to traditional surgery options for facial reshaping.  Instead of slicing you and dicing you, Matty uses injectables – cheaper, less invasive and MUCH more accessible.

Matty has been primping and advising our beauty queens before their international competitions and having consulted many girls, most of whom have expressed getting certain things about themselves altered or “freshened up”, I thought I would give Matty a go before I sent any of my pageant girls to her.

With that in mind, I took the leap and saw her about my lips at her clinic, The MediSpa.  I know that when it comes to my body (in this case my lips) I would only ever see the best so I decided to put the best to the test.

The good thing about consulting with her is that there’s no bullshit.  She’ll tell you what you need and what you don’t need even the things you think you do.

As irreverent and hilarious the consultation is, there is that clear undercurrent that you are dealing with the expert and if you know what’s good for you, you never argue with the expert.

This was February and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s been six months since that first visit and two hours ago, I walked out of her clinic with fresher , luscious and definitely kissable lips.

It was quick, painless and dare I say, a pleasure.

Yes my lips are a little bit bruised and a little bit swollen so I am going to wait 24 hours before I post a picture of them, but I walked out of that clinic with my holding my head a little higher and perhaps with s a more pronounced swag in my walk.

It is as much a psychological boost as it is a physical one.

And I’m not scared to share this experience with the world.

Unlike some, I’m owning the experience.

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to get it done, be honest about it.

Don’t insult our intelligence, otherwise, your integrity will be just about as real as my lips.