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Dear Pageant Girl,

Over the years the swimsuit competition has changed dramatically. Long gone are the days of the modest one-piece and boyleg bottoms.

Today’s swimsuit competition is all about showing off the fit body – complete with complete with killer abs and toned to perfection – that each contestant has worked so hard for.


LAS VEGAS – JUNE 3: Contestants compete in the swimwear competition during the 2012 Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on June 3, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

Kooey designer, Nikki Silverthorne gives up her expert advice on how to pick the perfect suit, her tips on accessorising, why butt glue is a no no, and the importance of wearing a bikini.

Choosing a Swimsuit

It cannot be emphasised enough that the most important factor in choosing your swimsuit is the FIT! You need to feel comfortable and confident on stage. If you’re worried about having a wardrobe malfunction or you’re fidgeting with your suit it will show. Figure out what you want out of your swimsuit – which features you want to show off and the best colour for you – and follow the trends for the season.


Accessories come down to your personality, if you normally wear something fun then it’s great to accessorise. When styling your look choose something that matches or brings out a colour in the swimsuit. Keep it tasteful and don’t over do it, remember this portion of competition is about showing off your body. We recommend sticking to earrings. Same goes for the shoes. Nude heels work with almost everything, but please whatever you do, don’t wear a wedge with your swimsuit on stage.

Put Down the Butt Glue

We don’t care who told you butt glue is a good idea, it’s just not. Yes we realise points can be deducted if your swimsuit creeps up but if you choose a suit that fits correctly it will stay in place by itself. By using butt glue your suit ends up looking crinkled where the glue is, misshaped and awkward. There is nothing worse than seeing a bikini bottom hanging on for dear life just because it’s held in place by butt glue, we can tell and so can the judges.

Why You Should Wear a Bikini

In the end it’s not about the swimsuit, it’s about your body. All pageant systems are different and some require you to wear a one piece, some girls also choose a one piece for cultural or religious reasons, but if you have the option a bikini is certainly the way to go. Being in the right bikini show’s off your body in the best possible way.

We are beyond excited that next week we will be on location in Vegas and underway with fittings for Miss Universe 2012! Stay tuned for behind the scene snaps and other goodies.

Until next time… xo Team Kooey for Dear Pageant Girl