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Dear Pageant Girl,

It’s almost that time of year again, where our beautiful Miss Universe Australia, Renae Ayris, will strut her stuff on the worldwide stage for the coveted Miss Universe crown. Last week the public voted in the national costume designed by Jessica Bregenhoj, a mid thigh length dress taking inspiration from the Southern Cross and the Sydney Opera House.

Renae Ayris in National Costume

Renae Ayris in National Costume

In preparation for the big event being held in the neon lit Las Vegas, as well as this party season, I have found a makeup look that will transcend into both, and I am personally loving it!

Bronzed smokey eye 1

Behold, the glimmering gold smokey eye teamed with glowing skin.

This makeup style is the perfect quintessential Australian glamour look. Renae Ayris will shine up on stage with these beautiful hues bringing out her gorgeous blue eyes, and the dewy skin radiants a healthy complexion.

If you want to rock this look this festive season you are going to need to arm yourself with these essential products:


  • Face Primer
  • A Liquid or Cream foundation – which ever you prefer, and make sure it is your correct shade. Never be afraid to ask a makeup artist to match your skin tone. I recommend the Savoir Faire Liquid Foundation.
  • A Concealer – the Savoir Faire Concealer Pack is my absolute favorite, and it comes with a translucent powder so you can take it with you anywhere for touch ups!
  • A light face powder – the Savoir Faire Finishing Powder is translucent and very light on the skin, matching everyones skin tone.
  • A Bronzer and/or a peach shade of blush – Peach tones are perfect for anyone with a fair complexion, as it is not too harsh, but still brings warmth to the complexion.


  • Black Eyeliner Pencil – my ultimate black pencil is the Savoir Faire Black Eyeliner Pencil, it glides on so smoothly and once it’s on it does not budge!
  • Nude/skin toned shimmer eyeshadow.
  • A medium to dark brown shimmering eyeshadow – go for a shade that has more of a golden glimmer through it, rather then a red/orange shimmer.
  • A gold shimmering eyeshadow – go for an eyeshadow that is more of a ‘true gold’ shade, rather than a gold that is quite yellow.
  • Mascara – the thicker the lashes the better I say! Grab a volumizing mascara like our Savoir Faire Volume Mascara. It is up to you whether you would like waterproof or regular.
  • False lashes – If you have the time to apply them please do, they add va-voom to every eye makeup!


  • Lip balm – any nourishing lip balm that you love. Paw-paw balm works a treat!
  • A light pink Lipstick – The perfect shade for this is our Savoir Faire Lipstick in ‘Miss You’.
  • A super shiny lipgloss – Any shade will work, but to stick with this photo I am going to recommend the Savoir Faire Lipgloss in ‘Mist’.

To find all of the Savoir Faire products listed above and more go to:


Once you have everything that you need to complete this sexy glowing vixen look, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your skin to make sure it looks hydrated and fresh. Apply your lip balm to your lips, and massage the face primer lightly over your face.
  2. Using a clean foundation brush (dirty foundation brushes spread bacteria over the skin!) feather your chosen foundation all over your face, making sure to blend down the neckline to avoid a harsh line on the jaw. Keep the foundation nice and light, and only apply extra coverage to any problem areas.
  3. Taking your concealer, blend it over any areas that need any extra coverage such as the under eye area, and then make sure to set it with a finishing powder. Concealer that is not set properly will begin to move and clump as the makeup warms on your skin.
  4. Taking your face powder and a large powder brush, brush the powder all over the face as well as down the neckline. Blending the powder with the brush in circular motions over the face will help to set the skin, as well as preventing ‘brush marks’.
  5. Apply your bronzer or your peach blush to the hollows of the cheek (blending the shade upwards on the face, never down) using a contouring blush brush. Then smile in the mirror, and lightly apply the shade to the apples of your cheeks.
  6. Using the same brush you just used for your cheeks (remove colour on the brush using a tissue), take your nude/skin tone shimmery eyeshadow and lightly brush it down the center of your nose, lightly above your top lip, and through the center of the forehead.
  7. To begin your eyes, take your black eye liner pencil and line the inside water line of your eye, both on the bottom and on the top lid.
  8. Using the nude/skin tone shimmering eyeshadow, lightly apply in all over the eye lid, and blend upwards to the brow bone using a regular flat eye brush.
  9. Take the brown shadow you have chosen, and a blending eye brush, and blend the shade through the socket of your eye. Blend the shade up and out. Then take a bullet brush and run the eyeshadow through your bottom lashes, going from darkest on the outer edge of the eye, to very light at the inner corner.

10. Using a flat eye brush, and the brown shadow, apply it to the outer half of the eye lid, and blend it into the shadow on the socket.

11. Now take your gold shadow and a bullet brush. Apply the shadow to the inner corner of the eye and blend it over the inner eye lid, and the inner lower lash line.

12. Taking a black eyeliner of your choice, draw a neat thin line on the top lid along the lashes.

13. Apply 2 generous coats of mascara to your lashes.

14. If you chose to apply false lashes, this is the time to do it! Once they are stuck on securely, lightly apply mascara to the false lashes as well to help them blend in with the appearance of your natural lashes.

15. Apply your choice of lipstick, and then lovingly coat it with your choice of lipgloss.


Bronzed smokey eye 2

Have fun with this glamorous makeup look! It is versatile as well as fresh, and can become a favorite go-to style when in need of a look to compliment an outfit, or a night out.

Until next time,

Kate from Savoir Faire Cosmetics, for Dear Pageant Girl. xx