Dear Pageant Girl,

It’s that time of the year again!  As the Australian pageant season heats up, we at DPG have been on the look out for the stars of the season and 2013 definitely does not disappoint.

Dear Pageant Girl’s Stunner Alert has gained legendary status worldwide, and often sets the tone of the competition – so good are we at picking them that our first stunner alerts have often taken out the competition (Renae Ayris, Jessica Kahawaty, Monika Radulovic).

With all the strong contenders for the 2013 Miss Universe Australia crown, this year’s competition promises to be a real blood bath.

There WILL be broken hearts.

And familiar faces.  For the first time in Miss Universe Australia history we have a record number of returns.

If at first you don’t succeed, you try again. Great piece of advice but not something I would normally hand out.

Especially to a first runner up.

To come so close to victory is in itself, a major achievement. To end up the second most beautiful woman of the year is no mean feat.

But to come back and to put your neck on the line the second time around and have that kind of pressure on your shoulders is either incredibly inspired or terribly foolish.

Yes my darlings, we present possibly this year’s biggest risk taker, and for her bravery in this beauty battle we honor her with this coveted position.


Mary Vitinaros by Maximilian Juan Rivera

Mary Vitinaros by Maximilian Juan Rivera

Many will remember Mary Vitinaros as the sweet dark horse with the killer body in 2012.  Dubbed by us at DPG as the ‘Silent Assassin”, very few noticed Mary until the eleventh hour at the Kooey Swimwear show where she wowed the audience with her amazing body and powerful stage presence.  Giving the favourite, Renae Ayris, a run for her money, Mary lost by the narrowest margin in Australian pageant history.  Post pageant Mary was sent by her agency to Miami where she has continued to build her confidence and her body of work.


The first time we laid eyes on this young woman we knew that “there was something about Mary” – and we were correct.

In many ways, she’s the anti-beauty queen.  Cool, fashion forward and androgynous in certain angles, Mary is not your typical beauty queen.

And we love it.

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