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Dear Pageant Girl,

For the past three years, Western Australia has wowed us with the number of stunners they have sent to the finals. The WA Army never fail to turn heads everywhere they go.  Their beauty often leaves people breathless and fellow contestants quaking in fear.  With a powerful marketing team behind them, this is a group to be reckoned with. With a first runner up finish in 2010 and winners for 2011 and 2012, the pressure is on Western Australia to make it a threepeat.

And they just might do it again this year.

Caris has been turning heads and at this very early stage, many have touted her as the winner.

With supermodel looks and a supermodel portfolio, Caris is no ordinary competitor.  Her international experience as a model has had travel to fashion capitals all over the world.  With spreads in high fashion magazines, the eyes of Australia..and yes…the world, are on Caris.  Will she deliver take the crown back to Perth, cementing its reputation as the beauty capital of Australia?

Many punters believe so.

And we at DPG also believe that she can take it all.

Introducing, Caris Tiivel of Western Australia.


Tell me about yourself.

I am a 20 year old Perth-born girl who has been modelling and travelling for the past few years. I am really artistic and love to draw and paint. I also have a big interest in fashion. My family and friends describe me as a happy, outgoing person with a great sense of humour.


What made you join this competition?

I have known quite a few girls from Chadwick (my modelling agency in Australia) who have been past entrants in Miss Universe WA. I heard many great things about the outstanding program such as the self development aspects, involvement in charity events and the opportunity to meet new people. All of these qualities of the program highly appealed to me and so I decided to enter. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I have enjoyed it very much.


What are the advantages of being beautiful?

It is nice to be noticed and complimented for being beautiful, but to me this means nothing if you are not a beautiful person inside.


What gets you further in life – book smart or street smart?

Definitely street smart! There are some experiences in life that you will have to face, handle and make your own decision and action for the best possible outcome. Some experiences in life you will not read about in a book. Having travelled and lived by myself since 18 (nationally and internationally) I learnt how to look after and be responsible for myself. Sometimes I faced some very challenging situations in which I had to face and resolve by myself.


How do you define love?

There are so many ways to define love. My boyfriend who I am madly in love with is living away in Milan at the moment as he is a model as well. Sometimes when we talk to each other on facetime we just like to lie there not saying a word and look at each other, we find it really comforting. Therefore I’d have to say when silence between two people is comfortable, you know you have found love.


Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in Australia?

Australia is such a beautiful country and I have had the opportunity to see many different parts of it. One of the best memories I have of Australia is when I travelled from Sydney to the Gold Coast for a shoot. We were shooting on an amazing sunny day at this secluded river that eventually meets the sea and I just remember it looking like a tropical paradise and all of the happy families out swimming and enjoying themselves. I felt so proud to be living in this country. That memory has stuck in my mind since.


What are you doing now to prepare for Miss Universe Australia?

In the time leading up to the Miss Universe Australia Final I will be continuing to work on my fitness/nutrition, voice coaching, my focus on local & international current affairs and charity work.


Whats the worse pick up line you have ever heard?

“Did it hurt when you fell? When you fell from heaven?” Haha


What advise will you give Australian men when dating Australian women?

This is my advice: Tiffany’s, definitely Tiffany’s! Haha kidding My advice would be to definitely take things slow and not rush into anything. If you take your time getting to know a woman and respecting her then you will have many special moments together.


Who makes better political leaders? Men or women?

Gender does not define who makes a better political leader. It is the individual and their leadership capabilities that count most.


How are pageants different from modeling?

Pageants are very different from modelling. Modelling is all about ‘being a blank canvas’ and being able to transform into different characters for clients on shoots etc. A pageant is all about being yourself, your own beauty, personality and aspirations.


Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

Yes I have seen some photos of many beautiful interstate finalists. Im sure that they, along with the rest of the WA finalists, would be worthy of taking out the title.


Who is your favourite Miss Universe Australia and why?

I would say that a massive role model to me is Jennifer Hawkins who won the title of Miss Universe Australia & Miss Universe in 2004. She appears very down to earth and has been a massive support to various charities. She has become an Australian icon and is a consummate professional.


How do you make a difference?

I have been highly involved with charities including Toybox International since the beginning of Miss Universe WA, trying my best to put a smile on the faces of young children who are unfortunately very sick. Every day of my life I try to make a difference by being caring & kind towards others and making people laugh or smile.


How do you want to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a beautiful person inside & out!