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Dear Pageant Girl,


We have a stunner from the blue state.  Yes, our first ever NSW Stunner and alert and well – she’s a brunette!

This girl was a hot favorite in 2012. Classic good looks, amazing bone structure and a disposition often reserved for royalty, she was the hot topic in many message boards.

Many people thought that she was NSW’s best chance at the crown but in a cruel twist of fate, injury befell her come competition day and while she put on a brave face, tried to push through the physical pain and continued with the competition.  It obviously affected her performance so much that all hopes of fighting for the crown was cruelly snatched away from her perfectly manicured fingers.

But like all fighters, this girl is back (yes another return contestant) and this time, she means business.

Yes ladies, 2013 will be a blood bath.

And the rivers may just flow a shade of royal blue.

Presenting, Melinda Kemp.


Tell me about yourself.

Hi DPG! I’m Melinda Kemp from Sydney! I’m a full-time model and uni student. A couple of fun facts- I have a pug named Baxter, I have my honours in English literature and just recently completed a 12-week course on Japanese cuisine.

What made you want to compete again?

I had a great time last year! I met so many wonderful people just by participating & I got to know myself a lot better as well. It was a fun, enriching experience that I was very lucky to be apart of. But at the end of the day, the answer is quite simple; I’m competing again because I’d love to be Miss Universe, I love what the organisation stands for and I think it’s so important to have women who are not only well-rounded, but who voice their opinion and are positive role models in society.


What are the advantages of being beautiful?

I think beauty is something that really comes from the inside, as cliché as it sounds, it’s something I truly believe. I only think beauty becomes an advantage when it’s paired with a genuine personality and a good heart. Having all those qualities is what makes people radiate on the exterior.

What gets you further in life – book smart or street smart?

Both have their own individual merits- book smarts are crucial in getting job qualifications/uni degrees and street smarts are earned from life experience and give you a broader sense of social/cultural awareness. I think having a healthy balance of both is the perfect combination.


How do you define love?

My mum gave me some great words of wisdom on life & love that I’ll always cherish. She said ‘life isn’t about how many people love you, it’s about how many people you get to share your love with’. I thought that was really special and really reminds me that love is a special gift that we should share with others; our family, partners, friends and it makes our lives a lot richer.

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in Australia?

There are so many! I love the hustle and bustle of Sydney and its beaches, the trendiness of Melbourne (and the shopping) and the chilled out lifestyle on the Gold Coast. I grew up in the south west of Sydney, which is such a multicultural/diverse area and I love it- it is such a microcosm of the melting pot that is Australia!


What are you doing now to prepare for Miss Universe Australia?

I’ve had a bit of time to prepare and really do some soul searching in regards to how I feel on current issues- and even just who I am as an individual! I make an effort to read the paper every day and form my own opinion on issues. Physically, I’ve been hitting the gym a lot. Luckily I love to surf on the weekend and recently took up boxing which keeps me very active… and allows me to indulge in the sneaky bit of chocolate/pizza here and there I’ve also ordered a shipment of water from Venezuela which I’m hoping will help me along the way… Just kidding.

Whats the worse pick up line you have ever heard?

I actually appreciate a terrible pick up line, I find them really funny and you have to admire the guts of the person delivering it! A friend of mine recently had a guy approach her and ask ‘Touch my shirt, do you know what that’s made out of?’ She replied ‘no’, to which he said; ‘That’s boyfriend material’. I thought that was hilarious!! I would’ve given him my number just on the basis of giving me a good laugh!


What advise will you give Australian men when dating Australian women?

I’d give the same advice to any man despite their background or culture- “BE YOURSELF”. If you’re serious about the person you’re dating then let your true colours shine. If you’re a bloke who considers himself a bit of a geek and likes playing video games then don’t hide that or pretend to be something you’re not, you’re just depriving yourself of meeting a girl who appreciates you for who you are. Being truthful, genuine and honest is a universal quality that all women appreciate.

Who makes better political leaders? Men or women?

My heart would love to say women (because we’re awesome at pretty much everything) hahahahaha! Realistically speaking, we live in a society now where gender stereotypes aren’t so rigid anymore. Women are no longer just the ‘nurturing’ mothers and men aren’t just the ‘breadwinner’. Gender doesn’t determine or predict personality, so I’d choose the best individual who encompasses qualities of leadership and compassion, whether it is a male or female. However, I’m grateful to live in a world where women have opportunities that weren’t even comprehendible a few decades ago.


How are pageants different from modeling?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience both! Although both are great fun, I think pageants focus on who you are as whole person; looks, personality, intellect etc. You get to voice your opinion in pageants and I think that’s a pretty fantastic opportunity!

Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

I haven’t really looked in to specifics, but from what I’ve seen so far the girls look amazing! I think it’ll be a tough competition. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that ALL the girls at nationals will be beautiful and are genuine competition!


Who is your favourite Miss Universe Australia and why?

I love them all, but I can’t choose between Rachel Finch and Jesinta Campbell. Rachel for the fact that she was an amazing brunette who I was certain would win Miss Universe and Jesinta for her charismatic, bubbly personality. I think they both have a certain quality about them that resonates with young women.

How do you make a difference?

I try to make a difference as much as I can. Whether that’s achieving small goals I set myself or being a positive influence in someone else’s life. I’ve worked with many children with learning disabilities from the age of 16, tutoring kids in English from disadvantaged areas in South West Sydney and I’m also a big advocate for animal rights. I think it’s important to give what you can to those less fortunate than you, even if it’s some words of wisdom and life experience that can help someone in a troubled time.

How do you want to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as being a person who always gives things a shot, when I fall down I pick myself back up again and do it all over again- no matter what the odds are! If I became Miss Universe Australia I’d work at being a role model for younger girls. I may not be perfect and I make just as many mistakes as every one else, but I’ve learnt it’s important not to give up and I learn from the negatives and try my best to turn them in to positives. I’d love the opportunity to share my experiences with other girls and encourage them to be good to themselves; mentally and physically 
What would you do differently in the competition this time around? I still think I’m the same person as I was before, but this time I think I have a clear purpose and a greater understanding as to why I want to be Miss Universe Australia. I know myself so much more and I am much more comfortable with expressing those views.