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Dear Pageant Girl,

It’s not every day that you get approached by an industry expert to be part of your team.

And yes, Im talking about a true industry expert.

This one is the real deal.  So the moment she asked to be part of our team, I didn’t think twice.    A good and loyal friend for many years, Paris Ogden was the former Marketing and Events Manager for Miss Universe Australia.

Paris has since moved to the paradise island of Hawaii and is now assisting the Miss USA Hawaii Organisation.

Paris has been a big supporter of the DPG Team for years and we are lucky to have her as part of our team.  She brings valuable insights into the Australian pageant industry and today, she shares with us her tips and insights into.

THIS is worth reading!

L-R: HRH DPG, DPG Sone (QLD), DPG Paris (Hawaii/USA), DPG Robert (VIC). Mama and the princesses!

L-R: HRH DPG, DPG Sone (QLD), DPG Paris (Hawaii/USA), DPG Robert (VIC).
Mama and the princesses!


Yes fans and buzzing pageant enthusiasts, another year has passed and another national final is glimmering on the horizon for Miss Universe Australia!

Every year, beauties from around the nation have their eyes firmly fixed on that diamond-encrusted crown and for the chance to represent our country at the Miss Universe competition.

Each year thousands of starry eyed hopefuls try to emulate the performance of past winners – and why wouldn’t they?  Winners of the title have moved on to do bigger and better things, securing opportunities that may not have been made available to them prior to joining the pageant.

We can never forget the journey of our little miss Jennifer Hawkins who blossomed from a Newcastle Knights cheerleader through to an international name. She took the crown at Donald Trump’s Miss Universe world final in 2004, and now lives her life as a prized runway model, television host and head of her own multimillion-dollar empire.

Her high heeled footsteps paved the way for our gorgeous girlies Rachel Finch, Jesinta Campbell, Scherri-Lee Biggs and Renae Aryis, whose style and charisma couldn’t hold television networks and their contracts away.




As the former events and marketing manager for the Miss Universe Australia organization, I have seen it all. I ‘pageant smile’ each time I see the success of our queens – the same girls I have known since day one, my first impression being their application forms in the mail, a hand written description about themselves and a few happy snaps.

The first face to face casting is always a nervous event but nerves are channeled to determination as soon as training and the preliminaries begin, involving classes and study sessions to build confidence and stage presence.  These sessions are held each year hosted and run by the Miss Australia team including our Dear Pageant Girl’s very own Peter Sereno.

Our job is to transform these finalists worthy enough to be an international beauty to compete on the world stage and with each success, the world keeps a close eye on us every year. Now based in Hawaii and assisting with the Miss Hawaii USA pageant, I will continue to get the rush of adrenalin with the announcement of the top 10, then the top 5, with the winners to follow…this theme of suspense, will forever play a part in this international game.

So lets start bringing out the sequin gowns and 4-inch stilettos, line up the hair and makeup artists, polish the runway and bust that crown of the closet, girls.

It’s time to get this show on the road!

Much love,


DPG Paris xoxo