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Dear Pageant Girl,

If you have been around as I have (and yes I’ve been around for a while) you start to notice some familiar faces and familiar names come up every now and again.

We have been following this lady for a little while now and she seems to be growing from strength to strength.

It’s nice to see Miss World Australia raise the bar year after year and yes, I will put it on the record that Miss World Australia sure is giving Miss Universe Australia a run for its money.

A model, pageant girl and entrepreneur, it’s nice to see someone so young and so driven in a competition like this.  Placing second last year, will she take it all this year?

Let us know what YOU think.

Presenting, the gorgeous Becky Lamb.


Tell me about yourself.

I am Becky Lamb, 24 years of glorious age, currently living in Melbourne, Vic. I model full time for myself (both agency and freelance), I run an agency called ID Models Australia and I have just launched my own beauty and modelling products website, called Model Essentials (clip-in hair extensions, tanning and body products, office essentials) www.ModelEssentials.com.au. I work with Brad Jones Racing in V8 Supercars alongside my partner, Fabian, and travel often with the team, supporting him as a driver and also the event. I have an adorably cute dog (I am obsessed!) – a French Bulldog named Bronte and I live the good life. Always busy, always happy – Feeling plenty of LOVE!


What made you join this competition?

I have followed Amber Greasley (Winner, 2011) on twitter for a long time, and remember congratulating her on her win. I followed her journey over the year and felt she did a great job and was generally interested. I the saw the competition advertised and thought I might give it a go. When I saw the difference it could make to peoples lives – not just about being beautiful and looking good in a bikini – I became a lot more intent on entering. 
I competed in the competition last year, and placed second. So I am back with the intent of taking the title, more hungry then ever!


What makes Miss World different from other pageants?

Obviously the compassion of the Charity component. “Beauty with a Purpose” – Speaks for itself.

Define Beauty with a Purpose.

Obtaining external beauty and exhibiting internal beauty for a cause. Using one’s power for good, not evil. Selfless. In other words, being beautiful and using ‘good looks’ in order to help others less fortunate. That is the idea behind it, and a theory that works perfectly well in a charity environment.


How do you define love?

Passionate, healthy and forgiving. I am not religious, however, I think the Bible gives us a perfect definition:
1 Corinthians 13:4-7 – 
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in Australia?

Considering the amount of travel I do, I have been to every state and its capital, I’ve enjoyed its beaches, surf and sand, the snow and the desert, the heat of the Darwin summer and the chill of a Melbourne winter. Ive travelled from coast to coast in planes, busses and automobiles, and I don’t think there is one place I have loved more than another. Special mention to the beaches of Nelson Bay and Port Stephens (where I grew up). There is an incredible feeling about that place! As well as the dusty sunrise in Ayres Rock, the tranquil hills of Tasmania, the romance of the seaside walk in Perth and the cal of the ocean in Cairns. Our country is heaven!


What are you doing now to prepare for Miss World Australia?

I am certainly lucky – I am quite naturally fit, and I won the national Fitness competition last year, so I have been training maybe five or six days a week? I’ve been training for the Noosa marathon in August with Fabian as well, so we were already half way there which was nice! For my talent, I have chosen to sing, so I have been doing plenty of singing in the car to the radio, and just doing a lot of listening to how people speak and present themselves in interviews. Obviously public speaking has a huge impact on the final result, which you cannot 100% practice with, so there is a huge natural ability component to it. I am certainly lucky to have the V8 team and a partner who does it all the time to learn from.

What’s your favourite dish?

Well… anything home cooked! I don’t get to do enough home cooking!! I make a mean spaghetti Bolognese or Chicken Stir fry, and my favourite desert is fruit salad with melted chocolate. Mmmmmm so good!


How would you convince anti pageant fans that beauty contests are not degrading to women?

Actions speak louder than words. SHOWING people is much more effective than TELLING people! I enjoy proving people wrong and breaking the norm. You’d never know I was a fire fighter for three and a half years, would you? Don’t judge a book by its lovely cover, plenty of things to discover underneath!

What advice would you give young women who want to enter pageants?

To be themselves. There is nothing more rewarding, more liberating than being yourself. We were all made unique, so why not appreciate and enjoy it? Show the judges what makes you proud to be you. You’ll never be the best of everything, but you can always be the best you.


How are pageants different from modelling?

A pageant is a competition: there are selective elements designed to test and grade you. Modelling is a job. You work, and you get paid to sell and promote a product or service.

Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

Briefly, I have seen the DPG images, and note many beautiful women! Experience tells me however, not to judge and not to lose confidence in the wake of intimidation of beautiful images. Confidence is key in believing in yourself. After all, it is a competition!


Who is your favourite Miss World and why?

Maybe not my most favourite, but certainly one that springs to mind for controversy! Gabriella Brum (Germany), The 1980 winner of Miss World resigned after only 18 hours of holding the title. She claims to have not had approval from her boyfriend of the time, but time revealed that she had actually shot and posed nude for a magazine, and didn’t want to be seen in a light other than supposed. She was forced to resign, and later shot for Playboy magazine in the USA. Interesting!

Why should you be chosen to be the next Miss World Australia?

In comparison to last year, I have grown so much. I am stronger, I believe in myself and I have knowledge. Why should I win now? I have the resources, the connections, the following, the determination, the experience and the maturity. I have a stroke of fierce competition, yet a grip of humility and grounding. I have life experiences, I have travelled and I have seen and learnt so much more than many of the elderly, but I also have generosity and time for my passions, and I feel I show great strength and determination to come back and vie for the title once again, after coming so close last year.

How do you want to be remembered?

As a caring, passionate, determined and fair individual. I believe there are always two sides to every story, and I prefer to ask people the truth before making judgement. I would hope that my hard work and dedication to the people and the things I love are remembered, and for being a compassionate and dedicated competitor in the competition.