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Dear Pageant Girl,

Some families are just genetically blessed.

A lot of these families seem to hail from the west.

Who can forget the Biggs sisters Scherri-Lee, Shae-Ann and Nika?


And now we have the Ayris family throwing down a challenge.


Late in 2012 DPG joined the Ayris family at Las Vegas to watch Renae end up an impressive fourth place at the Miss Universe competition.

We had the good fortune of spending time and getting to know her family as well as her little sister, Rachel, at the event.

The two sisters not only share good looks but also a strong bond that would make most BFFs green with envy.


Blessed with a statuesque physique, golden locks and arresting good looks, many wondered when little sister Rachel would try her luck at the Miss Universe Australia crown.

Almost everyone was surprised to find Rachel compete and succeed at the Miss Universe WA Preliminaries, so close to the success of her sister.

Since Las Vegas we have watched Rachel blossom into a legitimate competitor.

Some may call it foolhardy.

We at DPG call it incredibly ambitious and courageous.

And from the little time we have gotten to know the family, incredibly Ayris.

Fortune favours the brave.

Get to know Rachael Ayris!


Tell me about yourself

People tend to think I am a shy person, but I just assess a situation before becoming my outgoing self. I love being around people who bring out the best in me, and have so many of them in my life. I say it how it is, because honesty is the best policy.

What made you decide to join the competition?

I chose to join the competition to help boost my self confidence, as it is something I have always struggled with. The program WA offers is designed to do just that.

As Renae Ayris’ little sister, are you feeling the pressure? Do you think there’s an expectation of getting an Ayris win back to back?

Honestly, I don’t feel any extra pressure. Obviously that would be amazing, and go down in history, but isn’t playing on my mind too much. I am doing this for myself, and just want to give it my absolute best. I also think having a lot of comeback competitors, the pressure is slightly averted.


If you were to compete against Renae in the same year, who do you think would win between the two of you?

Renae and I are very different people. We have different strengths and weaknesses. In fact some of our personality traits are polar opposites. We don’t have a competitive relationship so I have never thought about that, would be interesting though

Tell us about your relationship. Did she share some tips and nuggets of success with you?

We are extremely close and do everything together. Renae is so much fun to be around, we are constantly laughing. She hasn’t given me too many tips. I am an independent person, so really like achieving success on my own. The best way she has helped me is by being there for me, which most people have in a sibling. Although, I have lived the whole experience right by her side.


I saw you in Vegas last year and you saw for yourself how crazy us pageant fans get. Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into?

I think it’s great how many people are so passionate about pageants! You don’t really see it in Australia, so it was really interesting seeing all the pageant fanatics congregated in one spot.

Watching your sister go through the competition, what key lessons have you learned and willing to share with our readers?

Renae always preached that you must stay true to yourself. She definitely did that, and I admire how humble she has remained.


Your family have been avid supporters of Dear Pageant Girl for the past year (and we are very thankful for that). Has your family always been pageant fanatics or is this a relatively new thing?

My family are all very close. No matter what Renae and I choose to do, we know that our parents will support it all the way.

What are the advantages of being beautiful?

Exterior beauty will definitely grab someone’s attention, but can only get them so far. People will see straight through that. Having a beautiful soul has far more advantages.


What gets you further in life – book smart or street smart?

I think you need a combination of both. There is only so much you can read in a book, getting out and experiencing the world on all different levels is very important.

How do you define love?

Can you define love? 
Love is complete adoration. You know the things other people don’t like about that one person but you can accept them with all their imperfections. When you’re with them, or without them, there is a force so strong inside you. Nothing you do, or say can express that love. It takes over your entire body.


Who makes better political leaders? Men or women?

I don’t think the gender should come into play. If the leader has the right attitude, knowledge and commitment then they can be a man or woman.

Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

I think we would all be looking at the competition, it’s a natural instinct. Of course all the girls are absolutely beautiful, but I have gotten to know the WA girls on a personal level, and I feel like we have what it takes to get the trifecta.

What are you doing to prepare?

I have been a part of the miss universe WA program since last October. We are lucky enough to have some wonderful mentors who work along side us turning us in to the best versions of ourselves. It is more than one time on stage, it is a developmental program.


Who is your favourite Miss Universe Australia and why?

Other than your sister of course!
If I can’t say Renae then I will definitely say Scherri-lee Biggs! Besides the fact that she is breathtakingly beautiful, I think that she embodies everything that a young woman should be.

How do you make a difference?

It is very hard for one person to make a difference, but we all strive to do our little bit, and it all adds up. During my time in the miss universe WA program I have been to cook at the Ronald McDonald house for the sick children and their families. Doing this showed how appreciative people can be. I also held my own fundraiser for Toybox International.

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as the girl who stepped out of her sister’s shadow. I want people to know that I worked just as hard as anyone else to earn my place. The only way I can do that is by getting up on the national stage, and absolutely owning it.