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Dear Pageant Girl,

We at DPG are always on the look out for the stars of the season. 2013 definitely does not disappoint.

With all the strong contenders for the 2013 Miss Universe Australia crown, this year’s competition promises to be a white knuckle ride.

There will be familiar faces.  And broken hearts.

If at first you don’t succeed, you try again. Great piece of advice but not something I would normally hand out.

Especially to a first runner up.

To come so close to victory is in itself, a major achievement. To end up the second most beautiful woman of the year is no mean feat.

But to come back and to put your neck on the line the second time around and have that kind of pressure on your shoulders is either incredibly inspired or terribly foolish.

2013 is a special year. We don’t see this often. In fact, we have never ever had this happen before in Miss Universe Australia history. For the first time ever, we have two first runners up competing for the Miss Universe Australia crown at the same time.

This will be a blood bath.

Both have earned the reputation of being pageant luminaries, having narrowly missed out on the crown on their respective years.

Both are back better than ever, having taken the time to hone their craft and coming back as pageant machines, ready to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Favourites of DPG, it was our worst nightmare to see both compete at the same pageant, knowing full well that one girl’s dreams will finally be realized while the other’s will be crushed.

Yes my darlings, just to add a bit of spice to this year’s competition, we present two of this year’s biggest risk takers, and for their bravery in this beauty battle we honor both of them with this blog entry.



Many will remember Mary Vitinaros as the sweet dark horse with the killer body in 2012.  Dubbed by many as the ‘Silent Assassin”, very few noticed Mary until the eleventh hour at the Kooey Swimwear show where she wowed the audience with her amazing body and powerful stage presence.  Giving the favourite, Renae Ayris, a run for her money, Mary lost by the narrowest margin in Australian pageant history.  Post pageant Mary was sent by her agency to Miami where she has continued to build her confidence and her body of work.


Tegan Martin was always a hot favourite when she competed in 2011. One of the strongest girls from NSW and hailing from the home of Jennifer Hawkins, Tegan impressed everyone she met with her Barbie-like features and down to earth personality.  Tegan embodied your typical Aussie girl next door and many believe that she has the look that Donald Trump adores.  It was no surprise that she ended up in the top five and after an amazing answer to a killer final question, many who were there on the night believed that Tegan would pull an upset and snatch victory from the hands of crowd favourite, Scherri-Lee Biggs.  History has dictated otherwise and while Tegan ended up with a first runner up position, she has since then won the Cosmopolitan Model competition and was flown to Paris to work for three months.


Both are back to win and are looking amazing.

There will be tears.

Many look at Tegan and see the second coming of Jennifer Hawkins, which could work well for the Trump-run organisation.  Many look at Mary and see her strong editorial work which will be a strong advantage in Moscow.

So come on Australia!  If it was between these two, who would be YOUR Miss Universe Australia?

mary tegan bw

“At that moment I really wanted to win, it was so close I could almost touch it, so naturally I was disappointed with the result. Ultimately I was overwhelmed and incredibly proud of having achieved what I had. To be placed 2nd out of thousands of girls from around the country at the tender age of 18, was certainly nothing to be ashamed of!” – Tegan Martin

mary tegan bw1marybubbleteganjacketmarycube

” For me being beautiful is more than just being physically appealing. Beauty is about radiating an inner magnificence to the outside and being the best person you can be.  The advantages of radiating such an inner beauty is that you are happy within yourself and from that stems a confident person who feels good about themselves.” – Mary Vitinaros

mary tegan bw2marycube1marytegancolormaryteganquartermaryteganduo

We wish Mary and Tegan the best of luck this year. Whatever the results, you two have left a lasting impression on the pageant industry and a stellar future await you both.


HRH DPG and the DPG Team