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Dear Pageant Girl,

I’m going to come out with it.  I love this girl.

From the moment I laid eyes on her at the Victoria Heats in 2012 I knew there was something about her. Other than the fact that she was exotically striking and stood out amongst a sea of pale faces, but she also had a positivity and energy that radiated from the stage and infected the audience.  So much so that she became a Miss Universe Australia National Finalist and continued on to win the Miss Dodo 2012 crown.

Charming, smart, wholesome and down to earth – what’s not to love?

I wonder what Breanna Herbert has in store for us for Miss World Australia?  We will find out on Saturday!


Tell me about yourself.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I am currently in my final year of university studying a Bachelor of Commerce and a Major in Sports Management. I work as a model with the Brazen Talent Agency and also play national tournaments for tennis. I have a passion for music, dance, fashion and travel and seek to always be the best that I can be in all I do. I always strive to be positive, driven and determined in all I do and love a challenge. My faith, family and friends are what I hold closest to my heart, and I live my life on the notion of ‘reaching high for the stars’!

What made you join this competition?

Last year, 2012, was a very successful and prodigious year for myself. I achieved many facets of my life that I wanted to complete and was ending the year on a high note. It has always been a dream of mine to enter the Miss World pageant, and understanding the strong morals and charitable foundations that the organisation withholds, I applied. I love the approach that Miss World takes in the charitable work that the contestants undergo, endeavouring to make a difference to lives of many. I live my life on the notion of helping others and providing a means of relief to the many individuals who need the aid. I believe that we are all so blessed with many factors of life, that we should ‘pay it forward’ to those whom are not as fortunate as us. It would also be an honour to have the title of representing the country that I was born and raised in and to become an inspiring ambassador and role model for Australia!


What makes Miss World different to other pageants?

Miss World is a pageant not solely based on physical beauty, but beauty within and the heart driven to make a positive and long lasting differences to communities locally and globally. The judging criteria that Miss World assess covers a vast range of categories (comprising of fitness, healthy body image, modelling, talent, as well communication and presence as an individual). Of course, as the Miss World title is a symbol of fundraising, contestants are to raise funds for a given charity under the heading of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. Such an initiative is such a profound and notable aspect of the Miss World title, and presents such an emphasis on the importance of charity work. It has thus far been an experience unlike anything else and has enabled me to grow as an individual.

Define Beauty with a Purpose.

To me, Beauty with a Purpose means a compassionate, strong hearted, positive and charitable woman, who utilises their abilities for greater good assisting the disadvantaged. It is the individual who puts in immense efforts to helping those that are in need, spreading love and equality to all and making a lasting difference to the lives of many. Julia Morley, as the head of the organisation, symbolises this poise, kindness, grace and humility and defines to women that our beauty can be used for charitable purposes and making the world a better place.


How do you define love?

Love is that sense of feeling that you experience within, that warmth and desire in your heart. Love has the ability to produce great things and ultimately what everyone should posses, not only to family and friends, but also to our environment the world in which we live and to those whom we don’t know.

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in the Australia.

Australia is a land of many beauties, and is diverse in its culture and landmarks. I have been fortunate enough to visit most of Australia in my time, however the most beautiful place I’ve visited would have to be the Great Barrier Reef. Australia, known for its outback locations and country style, is diversified by its coral and sea beauties and tropical paradise. It is truly the lucky country!


What are you doing now to prepare for Miss World Australia?

My preparations for the pageant have increased in hopes that I will be ready for every challenge and aspect that Miss World employs. My fitness regime that I undergo has increased to ensure I’m at the healthiest and fittest possible point that I can be including an increase in my tennis, gym work and cardio and aerobic training. I have been practising my classical piano skills and also public speaking to ensure that I am confident and strong in my convictions. My modelling, runway and advertisement skills have also played an affect in enabling myself to be completely ready for the national finals.

What’s your favourite dish?

That’s a tough question. I have had the pleasure of being able to visit many countries and experience many cultures in my lifetime. It is amazing seeing the wonders of our world and tasting many native dishes that remain the heart of many countries. I love a good Indian dish such as Tandoori chicken, but also enjoy the Malay style cuisine such as fried rice, satay skewers and chilli prawns. It’s difficult to say what my ultimate favourite is, but offer me chocolate anytime and I’ll never say no!


How would you convince anti pageant fans that beauty contests are not degrading to women?

In my experience with previous pageants, it has been nothing short of a memorable and self-defining experience. Pageants are a form in which women together can withhold a strong sense of power and ability to stand up for morals and rights. It gives individuals the honour and the ability to be able to fulfil dreams and assist in helping those disadvantaged. Many women have proven to be the example of this. They have used their success in pageants for the greater good of communities suffering many hardships around the world and have made substantial, positive and long lasting differences alleviating many diseases and in humane issues globally. I would therefore encourage young women to take part in pageants and reap the many benefits in which it possesses. I have met some of the most intelligent and beautiful women and have remained in contact with many of them forming friendships I know will last a lifetime. In addition, the foundations it presents in developing and growing you as a person is unlike anything else.

What advise would you give young women who want to enter pageants?

The quote that I live my life by is ‘to reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul, dream deep for every dream proceeds the goal’. I believe very much in these words, that everyone has a purpose in their life and we are here to utilise our gifts and talents to making the world a better place. Pageants are an unbelievable attribute in that they enable individuals to achieve their dreams and goals. So much goodwill has come out of the kindness and strength in which pageants instill. I would encourage all who think of entering pageants to do so. Nothing negative will come about from being apart of it, and the experiences and knowledge in which you gain will remain with you.


How are pageants different from modelling?

Modelling is a wonderful facet in that through photo’s and runway, a million words can be told. Loving every aspect of my job as a model, it is a job and something I’m required to do to meet the needs and requirements in which the client outlays. Although it allows me to meet new people and form new friendships, pageants allow me to be myself and nothing more. I always believe and and have faith in myself and the person that I am to take me through to the next stage of a pageant. Pageants essentially strip down all layers of a person and reveal the true individual. It allows you to be who are and embrace the power and grace that you posses within.

Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

Yes, I have seen the competition for those competing for the Miss World Australia 2013 crown, and I must say ‘wow’! As pageants do reveal, there a some amazingly beautiful women in our country. As they have all placed as a national finalist, there is reason as to why each girl has been given this great opportunity. Each girl is unique and exhibits her own qualities and characteristics. I’ m sure it will be a tough decision for the judges, but I rest assure in the faith that I place in myself, that’s all that I can do.


Who is your favourite Miss World and why?

There are many Miss Worlds that I look upon and aspire to be like. However, if I did have to choose one it would be Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994. Not only because we withhold similarities in our heritage, but through the constant charitable work and immense contributions she continues to make to those whom are in need. Her countless efforts, especially to the many children that are disadvantaged not only in India, but worldwide is phenomenal. She continues to raise global awareness on social and humanitarian issues such as ongoing issues with HIV aids, decreasing disease and infections as well as her peace work with many countries. It would be a privilege to follow in the foot steps of such a graceful, kind-hearted and prominent figure.

Why should you be chosen to be the next Miss World Australia?

It would be an honour, a privilege to be crowned Miss World Australia 2013. I believe that Miss World possess the qualities of integrity, positivity, compassion and a charity heart driven to continuously making a difference to the lives of many. Remaining strong when the going gets tough, and spreading the notion of multiculturalism and equality in Australia, I believe I fit this criteria and would work beyond the best of my ability to inspire and teach others whilst being a role model and ambassador for Australia. It would be a humbling experience to learn from the wealth of knowledge in which Miss World retains and have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

How do you want to be remembered?

I know my friends and family will remember me for my loud and outgoing personality, always enjoying what I’m doing & smiling. I would also want to remembered for my passion towards all forms of life, my positive actions and many ways in which I have dedicated myself to the needs of the poor and my constant strive to make the world a better place.