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Dear Pageant Girl,

As we approach the eve of her departure for Indonesia, we at DPG took time out with Erin Holland for a quick catch up and interview before her stint at Miss World.

Possibly the hardest working beauty queen in Australia, Erin also had faced the toughest road in her quest for the title.  I first encountered Erin at the 2012 Miss World Australia competition. To be honest I didn’t really think much of Erin back then, but then again, no one really paid much attention to anyone else knowing that the phenomenon that is Jessica Kahawaty was competing that year.

A pageant neophyte, she came into the Miss World Australia competition with nothing but her personality, enthusiasm and of course, her beautiful voice.  While she only cracked the top ten that year, her drive and commitment left a lasting impression on me.

Erin at the Miss World Australia 2012 competition

Erin at the Miss World Australia 2012 competition

After this, Erin got bitten by the pageant bug and she got bitten bad.

So true to form, Erin got to work.

Erin is one of those personalities who know that no woman is an island. Erin is mature and smart enough to know that she doesn’t know everything. Part of her strategy was to track down Dear Pageant Girl do some research, observe our posts and get some advice prior to her next beauty move.

We worked together for her Miss Universe Australia campaign and while she was left out in the cold by the judges at the state preliminaries, she took on board that very same training and applied it to her Miss World Australia return.

And the rest is history.

Erin is first and foremost and entertainer. Classically trained in voice, she is famously known as the opera singing beauty queen. But she is also a chameleon which makes her one of the best models in the industry. Having moved in similar circles, I have never heard a negative word said about Erin – which is testament to her professionalism, her lovely personality and her drive.  When Erin won this year’s national crown, industry heavy weights came out of the woodworks and came to her rescue offering their services and products to arm Erin for battle that is Miss World 2013.

Now she bears the weight of a nation on her petite shoulders with many punters believing that Erin is our best bet for the crown.

I too believe this. So as she heads over to Indonesia, Dear Pageant Girl sends with her the hope of a nation, that we just might bring home our third Miss World crown #maybethistime.

Good luck Erin. We are proud of you.

DPG: How has it been since win the crown?

ERIN: Crazy! Have relocated to Melbourne since winning the title to focus on my training (fitness, talent, overall competition) so it’s all been an exciting change of pace!


DPG:What kind of activities and events have you been involved in since winning the title?

ERIN: My life has included everything from  a myriad of media interviews, photo shoots, sponsorship meetings, appearances, filming our Beauty With a Purpose presentation, and of course a visit from the one and only His Royal Highness Dear Pageant Girl (Peter Sereno) for some invaluable coaching!

Beauty with a Purpose.  Erin with the kids of Lilla Community

Beauty with a Purpose. Erin with the kids of Lilla Community

DPG: How are you preparing for Miss World?

ERIN:They have me BUSY down here haha!! My days usually begin with a rigorous training session at South Yarra fitness by Melody Carstairs – she’s a killer! In addition, I’ve had several fittings at Belluccio, plenty of hair maintenance and makeup lessons from the lovely team at Hair by Ciccone/Ciccone cosmetics, practicing for the talent component, researching the past years’ competitions/winners and really working hard on the social media campaign… There’s always something to do!!


Erin with body sculptor and fitness goddess Melody Carstairs

Erin with body sculptor and fitness goddess Melody Carstairs

Erin with cosmetics tycoon Frank Ciccone of Ciccone Cosmetics and Smash It

Erin with cosmetics tycoon Frank Ciccone of Ciccone Cosmetics and Smash It

Erin with Julie Sufi, head designer of couture house Belluccio

Erin with Julie Sufi, head designer of couture house Belluccio

DPG: Who do you think your biggest competition/s is/are?

ERIN: I think it’s too hard to tell at this stage! There are plenty of hypotheses flying around in the online forums, but I am trying to not read into it too much. I think it’s very important to know the competition, but not get consumed with over- analysing everything!

DPG: What do you think the Miss World organisation is looking for?

ERIN: A well-rounded, humbled, genuine individual that will be a wonderful ambassador for the organisation and the causes it supports.


DPG: Unfortunately last year’s winner was unavailable to crown you. What do you have to say about that?

ERIN: The organisation was informed that she could not make the competition due to work commitments… it was a shame to have not been crowned by her this year, but Brooke Hogan (2nd Runner up 2012) did an absolutely amazing job!! No matter what I am doing this time next year, I will 100% be be back to crown my successor – such an honour and I cannot wait already to see who will take it out next year

DPG: Why do you think you won this year?

ERIN: I came back infinitely more prepared and a stronger competitor this year. I really spent a lot of time doing my research on what was required, and ensuring I was strong in all facets of the competition. You need to be an all-rounder to do well at internationals so I really took things seriously this year and it definitely paid off!

Erin at the Miss Universe Australia 2013 NSW State Finals.

Erin at the Miss Universe Australia 2013 NSW State Finals.

DPG: You are known for your singing. What are you planning to perform for the talent competition?

ERIN: It’s a secret  Haha I am still 100% deciding, and I will take a few options overseas so the musical director can choose what he thinks most appropriately suits the show!

DPG: What advice would you give young women wanting to compete for miss world Australia?

ERIN: Take the time to research the competition and what it stands for. When I first entered the competition I had no idea how heavily philanthropy focused it was, and I think it’s fantastic.


DPG: What are the three things you want the world to know about you that we don’t already know?

ERIN: I am obsessed with animals (not such a secret) I have a major sugar addiction (even less of a secret) and I was probably a lizard in another life (I really, really hate the cold!)

DPG: Finally, what message do you have for DPG and your fans out there?

ERIN: There was no way even 2 years ago, if you told me I would be representing my country at an international level (let alone in a competition as prestigious as the Miss World Pageant) I would have ever believed you. The fact I am in this position is a true testament that dedication and a heck of a lot of hard work does eventually pay off. I am beyond excited and deeply humbled to be in this position – the support from friends, family and strangers alike is utterly overwhelming, and I cannot thank each and everyone who has taken the time to show their support enough. It has been 41 long years since Australia won this amazing title, and rest assured I will be doing everything in my power to bring it home. Any competition that promotes and encourages the importance of individuality, self-confidence, generosity, philanthropy, compassion and of course inner-beauty in young women is a remarkable thing. I want to raise the profile of this competition and ensure it receives the recognition it deserves.