Do we have favourites??

Well I cant give you all a run down on the upcoming Miss USA 2014 pageant without listing my top 5!….So here they are in no order….

Miss Alabama – Jessica Alhberg

This actor and model has graced us with pure pageant beauty right here! From her enticing eyes to her lush hair of every girl’s dreams, Jessica will show the USA contenders what it’s all about once they hit the stage.
With a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Jessica soon caught the attention of many agencies and have modeled and acted alongside some of Hollywood’s elite.
Giving back to the community she volunteers with the Better Basics M.O.R.E Program, which is an organization that focuses on the enhancement of childhood literacy in Alabama.
From Selma, aged 24 and height 5’6”, we wont be hearing the last of Miss Jessica anytime soon.

Nia Sanchez – Nevada

Nia Sanchez has travelled the world already in her young age and although born and raised in Sacramento, Nia now calls the bright lights of Las Vegas Nevada her home.
Nia is currently modeling full time and has even been selected out of thousands of applicants to be a face character for Tokyo Disney!
So now we know that she has the perfect face to create her own Disney character after, what else? Well I guess her time in the international spotlight will tell.
From Las Vegas, 24 years of age and 5’8”, I think little miss Nia will have some surprises in store for us.

Cassandra Kunze – California

An obvious blond bombshell here, please meet Cassandra. With her stunning figure and girl next-door meets glam looks, Miss California will be set to sizzle on stage.
If you watch her crowning you can see that she has a energetic and bubbly personality and her smile is ear to ear when she is on stage, and that effect can have a great power over the judges and audience when the time comes.
Cassandra is currently studying to complete a double major in international security and conflict resolution and television/film media, with an ambition to produce, direct and act in films worldwide. With a drive to study and succeed and even teaching herself the piano, I think this Cali girl will take it to the top at the finals.
From San Diego, 20 years of age and 5’9”.

Brittany Oldehoff – Florida

Well here we have the talented Miss Brittany Oldehoff.
From travelling the world and modeling for such greats as Oscar De La Renta, Zac Posen, Chloe, Armani and others, to already graduating from Florida University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with the hopes on one day working with the Secret Service! Yes folks you heard me…the Secret Service. I thought agents this stunning were only in Hollywood.
Apart from all this, Miss Brittany is and advocate for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and has volunteered in a number of other charitable organisation’s.
From Fort Lauderdale, 25 years of age and standing at an impressive 5’11”, I look forward to seeing this beauty queen take the stage.

Miss Hawaii – Moani Hara

And last but not at all least, how could I forget our Miss Hawaii. Miss Moani was a definite favourite, and not only because I now reside on this enchanting island, but because of the exotic and exquisite beauty which carries both inside and out of this pageant queen. Born with dyslexia, she had many obstacles in life to overcome and has now pushed through these barriers and now overcome dyslexia and has provided a direction in her life to help others in her community and especially assist HIDA (Hawaii International Dyslexia Association) with learning tools and bringing further awareness to schools and students.
From Honolulu on the island of Oahu, 24 years of age and 5’7”, this contender will wow the judges and viewers with her gentle charm and intoxicating beauty.

With only a few more weeks to go until the Miss USA 2014 pageant commences, lets see if my predictions hold up or are knocked down with the up rise of the almighty underdog, which always seems to take the audience by surprise in this game we call pageantry.

DPG Paris





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Dear Pageant Girl, As we approach the eve of her departure for Indonesia, we at DPG took time out with …

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Our very own DPG Paris (Ogden) gets in touch with Olivia Wells and in an exclusive interview for DPG, tells us her motivations, her inspirations and her message to her detractors.


Dear Pageant Girl,

2013 is starting to look like the year of the dark horse for our Miss Universe national pageants.

I mean, none of us saw Connecticut’s Erin Brady coming.


And now we have Olivia Wells.


None of us at DPG saw her coming. But I guess we should have!

We were blown away by her interview at the state heats and once again at nationals.

Sure, she doesn’t look like your typical pageant girl.  Then again, what look would that be?

We have had some anti-pageant girls snatch the crown away from the manicured fingers of pageant favorites.  Case in point: Chelsea Cooley (USA 2005), Shauntay Hinton (USA 2002) or Kimberly Busteed (Australia 2007).

Chelsea Cooley is crowned Miss USA 2005 as Shandi Finnessy, Miss USA 2004 looks on

Chelsea Cooley is crowned Miss USA 2005 as Shandi Finnessy, Miss USA 2004 looks on


Shauntay Hinton, Miss USA 2002

Shauntay Hinton, Miss USA 2002

Kimberley Busteed, Miss Universe Australia 2007

Kimberley Busteed, Miss Universe Australia 2007

Many women would give up anything to walk in Olivia’s size ten shoes. To have one’s life take on a new path and a future of exciting experiences and adventures.

It’s been a long time since a Victorian has taken the crown, and this 19-year-old medical student from Black Rock will now take her sparkling crown and new title to this year’s Miss Universe final in Moscow, and show the world who is boss!

It’s typical gush material.

But Olivia doesn’t gush.  Oh no.

Read her interview and you’ll discover a cool, calm and level headed teenager who comes across almost as though she is above the title.

But as someone who advocates the fact that brains and beauty don’t have to be mutually exclusive, who could blame her for scoffing at the somewhat ‘inane’ questions posed by a site like Dear Pageant Girl?

Some may call her an ice maiden, others a sponsor’s robot. Others call her the next generation of beauty queens, a role model for positive and healthy body image.

You decide.

What were your initial incentives to enter the Miss Universe Australia pageant?

I didn’t have any initial incentive per se; I entered as a bit of fun. What girl doesn’t enjoy feeling pretty and glamourous every once in a while? As I progressed through the pageant I realized that if I won I would have a wonderful opportunity to be a role model for girls like me who aren’t sample size, who aren’t necessarily the prettiest or part of the cool crowd but have other qualities to offer the community.


Do you feel that becoming a beauty queen will make you a less serious candidate in your medical career?

I hope that my abilities as a doctor or surgeon will speak for themselves in my future workplace. I’m confident that I will be judged in the workplace on the basis of my merit as a healthcare professional and not by this title. I do not believe that being Miss Universe Australia and being a professional are mutually exclusive and I hope to prove this in the future.

Tell us something that the media and we don’t know about you?

I love acting and in my school production career I have played a rat called Snortle, a loony psychic, a neurotransmitter that got lost in the body and an ant who needed to find the other side of the garden.


How do you think you will stand out and edge out the international beauties at the final in November? 

Honestly, I have no idea! I am going to continue to be myself but I haven’t looked at any of the competition so I cannot say if or how I am different as of yet. Maybe ask the judges?

If you were to win the international pageant and got offered a career overseas, would you forfeit your medical career or does that come first still? 

I have always dreamed of being a doctor, and so my medical career will come first. That being said many students complete a 3 year undergraduate course before they even begin medicine. I still have time to take these opportunities before I resettle into university. I am so thrilled and honoured to be representing Australia and very excited for Moscow and the future!


Have you always had a health and fitness training schedule? or is this something new to you since you entered this pageant? And if so, tell us about it. 

I have always had a very rigorous fitness and exercise schedule. Coming from a competitive athlete background and training upwards of 20 hrs per week, an hour in the gym each day comes very easily. I really enjoy exercise and pushing my own boundaries in the gym. I especially love aerobics and step aerobics classes!

You participate in volunteer work. How do you think we can better promote volunteering in Australia?

I hope to use this platform to better promote volunteering especially among older teenagers. My high school offered a number of social justice and volunteering opportunities that I readily took up, and the majority of my cohort did also. University life offers a myriad of social clubs and societies and many give the opportunity to volunteer whether locally or abroad. I think the best way to promote volunteering in Australia is to make sure young people are aware of the different pathways and organisations they can work with. Sometimes the hardest part is finding a group or cause that you believe in and that works in with your schedule and ability.  

If you could be on the cover of any magazine what would it be?

Gourmet Traveller.


With your studies and now the pageant coming up, where do you see yourself, or hope to be, in a year?

In a year I will either be finishing of my year as Miss Universe Australia or maybe nearing the end of my year as Miss Universe. After that I do see myself back at university. I will be continuing to volunteer with the charities I support, and hopefully being able to use any notoriety or connections I have gained from this year to benefit others.

There has been a lot of talk and debate regarding your selection. What do you have to say to your detractors?

Absolutely nothing at all! I prefer to use my time and energy towards positivity and not “feeding the trolls”.


With this controversy already beginning between some of the contestants, how do you feel you will deal with this type of behavior at the international pageant so it won’t effect your performance and mind set whilst over there?

For me it’s not a matter of “dealing” with this type of behaviour. I will continue to go about my business as I did in the lead up to the national pageant.

And finally, tell us something that will make us remember you?

Asdfghjklertyuijhb [laughs].

olivia gown


Interview by DPG Paris

Intro co-written by HRH DPG



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Dear Pageant Girl,

I must say it’s not every day that I leave a pageant with a high.

In the many years that I have watched or been involved in a pageant, I can count the number of times in one hand where I can say I have left with a big smile on my face and a high that’s lasted for days. It’s been a while since I’ve had that feeling and the constant chasing of the dragon becomes rather tiring after a while.

I’m happy to say that the activities in the last week surrounding the Miss World Australia competition brought that feeling of excitement, positivity, hope and reason for being back again.

This is the first year that I have been involved with the Miss World Australia organisation. I couldn’t assist or watch the show last year, being at Uluru and being a not-for-profit organisation myself, a trip to the Red Centre was not as easily justified as a flight to Melbourne. When I was invited to judge at this year’s competition, I jumped at the chance.

For years we have struggled with Miss World in general. We have wanted to love the concept, embrace its Beauty with a Purpose motto and relate to its search for a holistic, well-rounded woman. It was great in the 90s.  Then again, weren’t they all amazing in the 90s? But watching the “innovations” introduced in the last decade had left many of us cold and sadly the ladies who have worn the crown of Miss World Australia post 1995 had been, well, forgettable. It’s a struggle for me to name any Miss World Australias prior to 2010 to be honest.

So I’m going to come out with it. I’ve always been a Miss Universe boy.

Until now.

I watched with great interest the growth of the Miss World Australia organisation for the last three years since Nadasha Zhang took over from Pauline McFetridge and I have been very impressed. It’s nice to see a newer and younger team inject a new kind of energy to what unfortunately was a dying pageant here in Australia.

Amber Greasley, Miss World Australia 2011

Amber Greasley, Miss World Australia 2011

Jessica Kahawaty, Miss World 2012

Jessica Kahawaty, Miss World 2012

When Amber Greasley was crowned in 2011, I knew that this would be the start of something truly exciting and hope for the national pageant was restored.  Her top 21 finish at the international competition was a major achievement for the fledgling national pageant and Jessica Kahawaty’s third place achievement in 2012 made me realise something very important.

Miss World Australia is a sleeping giant.

And the giant is stirring.

I arrived the day before the pageant in time to watch the Belluccio Top Model Fast Track event at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Head designer Julie Sufi, who has become a close friend over the last couple of years had no qualms taking me backstage to view her Miss World Australia 2014 range. What I saw was typical Belluccio – beautiful draping, whimsical trims and flounces, elegant silhouettes and bling. Lots of it. I was impressed at the professional way the show was handled and set. A stark white runway was the perfect setting to show off the beautiful gowns on show. And the girls didn’t disappoint, either! Sleek and minimal in their styling, they provided the perfect hangers for these masterpieces.

Photo by La Rafael

Photo by La Rafael

Julie Sufi of Belluccio

Julie Sufi of Belluccio. Pic courtesy of La Rafael

Julie Sufi of Belluccio.  Pic courtesy of La Rafael

Julie Sufi of Belluccio. Pic courtesy of La Rafael

DPG with the Belluccio girls. Pic courtesy of La Rafael

DPG with the Belluccio girls. Pic courtesy of La Rafael

The mood backstage was warm and there was a genuine camaraderie amongst the girls and the backstage crew. Hair and make up provided by Ciccone Cosmetics and Hair by Ciccone who interacted with the contestants at a familiar level usually found only between friends. There were plenty of laughter and chatter and some familiar faces too.

Miss World Australia director Nadasha personally greeted me and requested that I travelled with the girls to Werribee Mansion the following day to observe and to assist the girls pre coronation event. Agreeing to do so (when the director of Miss World Australia asks you to come early to an event, you say YES!) I then retreated back to the executive suite at the Citiclub Hotel organised for me by Nadasha and I slept with a smile on my face, determined to wake up early to join the girls for breakfast and try to get some inside information and gossip, typical of many pageants. I was expecting drama, mean girl stories and sabotage.

I was set for a major disappointment on that front.

Instead, what awaited me was like a scene from a wellness camp. Smiles all around. It was a refreshing change to see the Miss World Australia directors and major sponsors join the girls for breakfast and personally greeting each one with a “good morning” and a bright smile. It’s no surprise that everyone was so positive and relaxed when the very directors themselves set the example. The girls had nothing but positive and exciting things to say about the Miss World Australia program.  Each Fast Track event, designed as a framework to encourage well-roundedness in a woman encouraged mateship amongst all of the contestants and each girl truly supported the other.  The spirit of competition was there, without the cattiness.

Werribee Mansion was the perfect setting for the grand final. Elegant, old world and beautiful it was Miss World true to form. As the girls got on with rehearsals I watched very closely to try and predict who would be in the top 10 (whom I would eventually be picking the winner from).

Every single contestant glowed and looked amazing as they introduced themselves in their black cocktail dresses before changing back into their Belluccio gowns for the announcement of the top 10.

Five of the ten were winners of the Fast Track events while the remaining five were the judges’ choices. Thank goodness I did not have the seemingly impossible task of whittling down 32 to 10 but immediately, having taken them away from the bevy of beauties, we noticed the stand outs.

The top ten competed in an interview round which put the girls in their paces and all did very well.  The content and delivery were perfect and I knew that judging the top ten was not as easy as I thought.

The elimination of Cassie Hancock from the Top Five shocked me as I had her in my top three.


I had met Cassie a year earlier at the Miss Universe Australia competition and seeing her made my jaw drop.  In twelve months she had grown from a beauty into a supermodel. We gagged when she came on stage and we gagged when she was eliminated. A great mystery but destiny had bigger plans.

Another shock of course was last year’s winner Jessica Kahawaty’s no-show to crown her successor. Her absence left a bad taste in my mouth and made me question her character. It’s definitely not a good look and gave me the impression that she had used her title and discarded it and those who helped her once she got to where she wanted to go.  As Miss World it is your job to ensure that you fulfil all responsibilities and to see through the commitments and promises you make. Sadly, Jessica in my eyes did not do this nor had she done anything for the brand during her reign and DPG regrets honouring her with our first ever Miss World Australia Stunner Alert in 2012.

Dear Pageant Girls take note.

The rest is history.  We all know the outcome. And quite frankly, I do believe that we have our strongest delegate yet.

A pageant neophyte, Erin Holland transformed herself to become a beauty queen and we watched with fascination her journey.  We first saw her compete against Jessica Kahawaty in 2012 and doubted her chances in having a career (is there such a thing?) in pageants. Her competitive nature wanted to prove us otherwise and contacted us for some tips – determined to try her luck at the Miss Universe Australia crown.

Erin at the Miss World Australia 2012 competition

Erin at the Miss World Australia 2012 competition

Giving her some tips, mostly on styling, Erin took our advice on board and by May 2013 we knew she was ready.

Erin at the Miss Universe Australia 2013 NSW State Finals.

Erin at the Miss Universe Australia 2013 NSW State Finals.

Sadly her Miss Universe dreams would come to a crashing halt when she was abruptly left out of the selections at the State level much to everyone’s surprise.  Baffled at the results we started to see cracks in the Miss Universe Australia system when we saw this year’s selections, or more importantly, those who were left out of it (Yvonne Amores, one of the top ten from this year’s Miss World Australia was also rejected by Miss Universe Australia judges).

Yvonne Amores

Yvonne Amores

Erin harnessed all her energy, courage and experience and called upon it to her advantage when she got on stage.  Armed with a steely determination, Erin wanted that crown and knuckled down. She played hard and played fair. Her styling, interview, and speech we could not fault.

Winner of the talent competition, even her choice of song (Maybe This Time from Cabaret) added a touch of irony to her story which would eventuate to be her victory anthem.  Her song brought the house down and pretty much cemented her place in the judges’s minds as the winner that night.

As she was announced, it was clear that it was one of those pageants where all girls were genuinely happy to have her take the title out over them. Erin is a woman who we know will really be a contender on all Fast Tracks internationally.  She’s fit, she has talent, is intelligent, beautiful and can be a top model.  She’s charming and has a great personality.  Engaging and savvy she has what it takes to activate and influence people to help and to contribute to her cause.  A true beauty with a purpose.


If that’s not a well rounded woman, then I don’t know what is.

Miss Universe Australia’s loss is Miss World Australia’s gain. And Australia’s gain for that matter.  Our first Stunner Alert for this year we predicted that Erin would do well in the national finals.

Now watch our girl bring back home the Miss World crown.

The 2013 Miss World Australia Dream Team. L-R: Natalie Roser, 1st Princess, Erin Holland MWA 2013 and Yasmin Kassim, 2nd Princess and Winner of the Beauty with a Purpose Award

The 2013 Miss World Australia Dream Team. L-R: Natalie Roser, 1st Princess, Erin Holland MWA 2013 and Yasmin Kassim, 2nd Princess and Winner of the Beauty with a Purpose Award

UPDATE: 23 JULY 2013

Outgoing Miss World Australia 2012 Jessica Kahawaty sent a private message to ‘clarify’ her non-appearance at the final. Below is an excerpt from a private message sent by Jessica to myself (edited):

” Hope you’re well – someone just sent me the article you wrote about Miss World Australia 2013 which is very nice except for one part. I’m sorry I left a “bad taste in your mouth” but you don’t know the reason I didn’t attend the crowning…However, it does say a lot about my character that I am NOT publicly saying the reason. I thought out of all people in the industry, you would sense that there is a valid reason why and be puzzled instead of disgusted…”

While we appreciate the message and ‘clarification’ it was still a bad look on the night. As I wrote earlier, as Miss World it is your job to ensure that you fulfil all responsibilities and to see through the commitments and promises you make.

Part of that commitment is to crown your successor.  I have worked with many beauty queens who have had the most horrendous experiences with their respective directors and organisations (reasons of which I shall not divulge as it is not in MY character to do so) yet still manage to fulfill their commitments by attending the finals, crowning the winner and making everything look perfect on the night.

Out of respect and professionalism, giving the new winner her due by crowning her is the right thing to do despite the circumstances.  Whatever the reasons, the participants were denied that night your presence and sadly, was let down by the very person that most of them have regarded and held as a role model.

We wish Jessica all the best for the future.

‘No hard feelings’.



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Dear Pageant Girl,

There comes a time when a girl comes into a pageant and she commands a degree of respect.  Sometimes it’s her beauty, other times it’s her experience, and mostly because of her presence and personality.

This year we have a powerhouse in the competition.  But not what you would expect.  Behold, the socialite with heart.

This girl comes with an army of connections and contacts, many of which stem from her family connections, most of which served her well in her tenure at Celebrity Apprentice.

You have to admire a girl who genuinely uses her status and platform to make another’s life better.

She may not be your typical pageant girl, some may not even consider her a pageant girl. That aside, she does come with the resources to make a difference.

Beauty with a purpose?  Fasten your seatbelts. This rollercoaster ride of a competition just got more exciting.

Presenting, Yasmin Kassim of NSW!

Photography by: @[27550917353:]

Tell me about yourself.

I am a Perth girl who lived in Malaysia for the first 9 years of my life and Sydney for the last 2. My mums a country town girl and ex health food store owner and my Dad is a Malaysian/Indian from Singapore who works in accommodation and catering. Acting, singing and dancing have always been always a part of my life and basically anything to do with music like playing around on the piano or guitar. I really like to keep myself busy. I’m in the final semester of my Arts and English Literature degree, I have a Diploma in teaching Speech and Drama, I went to acting school in New York and NIDA in Sydney and have a Certificate in yoga teaching.  Performing has taken me to many different worlds from being a fairy, to Fat Cat’s Best friend to travelling around Italy doing street theatre.

I have grown up in a family that has instilled ‘giving back’ in me so it’s always been a part of my life.  I honestly can’t remember a time where I haven’t done things that could be labeled ‘charity’ – I like to think of it as lending a helping hand because you can!  I think having the first few years of my life in a third world country has made me never lose sight of how lucky I am.

What made you join this competition?

I had always watched Miss World from being a young girl till now, I loved seeing all the beautiful women who were not only gorgeous but so career driven, elegant, classy and giving to others.

However, I never saw myself as one of those women, I just assumed because I wasn’t a model it wasn’t for me.  A couple of people mentioned it to me last year that I’d be a perfect candidate. I was hesitant at first until I looked into how the Miss World organization works and I realized how much it’s not just about being a model.


What makes Miss World different from other pageants?

Beauty with a purpose!  The Miss World panel take your philanthropy very seriously.  Coming into the final I also really like the different tests – fitness, star quality, beauty with a purpose, talent and then modeling.  I love that it’s really testing a girl from every angle, there is no standing there and looking pretty…you need to be the real deal!

Define Beauty with a Purpose.

A girl who loves feeling confident and positive in herself whilst also being pro active about giving her life a purpose in both her own career and the lives of others.


How do you define love?

I was asked this by the MC at my Beauty with a Purpose event and this is what came out of my mouth…so it must be my truth: ‘I’ll be there for you, you’ll be there for me – no matter what.’

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in Australia?

I LOVED the Great Barrier Reef – I’m very passionate about protecting it and keeping it in its natural state!! I got to go diving there and swam with a fish bigger than I was…his name was Barry..go figure!!!

What are you doing now to prepare for Miss World Australia?

I feel if a girl needs to change her lifestyle to ‘prepare’ then is she the real deal? I’ve been doing exactly what I do all the time, have probably missed a ‘Sunday treat day’ or two in the last 2 weeks but that’s about it.  I pride myself on living a healthy, holistic lifestyle, working on my crafts and hobbies and being the best person I can be every day by giving back whenever I can. I love personal training sessions, running, yoga and playing with my dog.  If anything I created positive mantras and meditated a little more.


What’s your favourite dish?

Zucchini fritters! I tend to lean towards vegetarian dishes and it’s one of the only things I can make well so they probably taste good because I’m so proud of myself!  I was previously a vegetarian but not anymore for health reasons so I try to minimize my carbon footprint from meat eating by being a daily contributor to the Australian Conservation Foundation and being meticulous with my recycling.  I think if everyone lived in a mindful way they would see that although we can all choose to live different lifestyles, so long as we think about the world we live in and how we affect it – it only takes a small change from a lot of people to make a big difference.

How would you convince anti pageant fans that beauty contests are not degrading to women?

I think it’s a lack of awareness of what the pageants actually involve.  I’m a perfect example, I thought I had to be a model to enter! After my research and meeting with the board I realized how holistic the search for a Miss World Australia really was!  Who ever says this -tell them to come have a green tea with me and we’ll have a chat about it and I’m sure once they hear what we have to do  to compete they’ll have a broader outlook on the pageant world.


What advice would you give young women who want to enter pageants?

As this is my first, I feel I would be able to give better advice after this weekend! All I can say now is how I’ve decided to approach the competition –  just listen to what your gut tells you, speak your truth and don’t get distracted by anyone that doesn’t. Only positive energy allowed!

How are pageants different from modeling?

I think modeling has more of a focus on outer beauty where as Miss World is more about being yourself and embracing your inner beauty.


Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

I know it would be much more interesting to say that I have checked out all the girls and come up with some game plan but I haven’t…I’m just not like that, sorry to disappoint!  A few girls who have gotten in contact via social media I’ve seen and they are just beautiful! We’ve been chatting and they are just as beautiful on the inside too. I’m so excited to meet them all!

Who is your favourite Miss World and why?

I know she’s a popular choice but it’s for good reason, Aishwarya Rai.  Not only because of her grace, elegance and beauty but she also speaks so eloquently – AND STILL HAS SASS! The second time I came in to apply for Miss World Australia one of the first things they mentioned was a cheeky answer I gave last year.   I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not and Aishwarya is very much the same.

This is one of my favorite interviews of hers,


Of course being an actress and a singer I admire her career as well.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of a Bollywood film…one day!


Why should you be chosen to be the next Miss World Australia?

Because…I don’t have to try.  I had someone tell me I’d be perfect for this before it was even a thought in my head! I’m not some product of training and studying to win a competition. This is just my life.  I am a girl who works hard to follow her dreams, loves living a healthy lifestyle, has a kind heart and knows how lucky she is so genuinely loves giving back. I have a little black book of beautiful friends all over the globe and people I’ve met along my journey that could seriously up the ante for the year of my reign and bring the Miss World Australia title and fundraising capacity to a whole other level. To me, this combination makes for a perfect Miss world Australia – I hope to judges think so too!

How do you want to be remembered?

I’ll be the girl the organization remembers as the most proactive, who never settled down always wanting to do more and more.  I’ll be the girl that this time next year when I pass the crown on to some other deserving young lady, they’ll know I will stick around and not just say thank you and goodbye.  I’ll be the girl that future Miss World hopefuls look up to and say  ‘I  may not be a swimwear model but I take pride in how I look and love giving back to those in need…I am enough…I can do this.’ And to them I say….YES YOU CAN!

Photography by: @[27550917353:]



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Dear Pageant Girl,

I’m going to come out with it.  I love this girl.

From the moment I laid eyes on her at the Victoria Heats in 2012 I knew there was something about her. Other than the fact that she was exotically striking and stood out amongst a sea of pale faces, but she also had a positivity and energy that radiated from the stage and infected the audience.  So much so that she became a Miss Universe Australia National Finalist and continued on to win the Miss Dodo 2012 crown.

Charming, smart, wholesome and down to earth – what’s not to love?

I wonder what Breanna Herbert has in store for us for Miss World Australia?  We will find out on Saturday!


Tell me about yourself.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I am currently in my final year of university studying a Bachelor of Commerce and a Major in Sports Management. I work as a model with the Brazen Talent Agency and also play national tournaments for tennis. I have a passion for music, dance, fashion and travel and seek to always be the best that I can be in all I do. I always strive to be positive, driven and determined in all I do and love a challenge. My faith, family and friends are what I hold closest to my heart, and I live my life on the notion of ‘reaching high for the stars’!

What made you join this competition?

Last year, 2012, was a very successful and prodigious year for myself. I achieved many facets of my life that I wanted to complete and was ending the year on a high note. It has always been a dream of mine to enter the Miss World pageant, and understanding the strong morals and charitable foundations that the organisation withholds, I applied. I love the approach that Miss World takes in the charitable work that the contestants undergo, endeavouring to make a difference to lives of many. I live my life on the notion of helping others and providing a means of relief to the many individuals who need the aid. I believe that we are all so blessed with many factors of life, that we should ‘pay it forward’ to those whom are not as fortunate as us. It would also be an honour to have the title of representing the country that I was born and raised in and to become an inspiring ambassador and role model for Australia!


What makes Miss World different to other pageants?

Miss World is a pageant not solely based on physical beauty, but beauty within and the heart driven to make a positive and long lasting differences to communities locally and globally. The judging criteria that Miss World assess covers a vast range of categories (comprising of fitness, healthy body image, modelling, talent, as well communication and presence as an individual). Of course, as the Miss World title is a symbol of fundraising, contestants are to raise funds for a given charity under the heading of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. Such an initiative is such a profound and notable aspect of the Miss World title, and presents such an emphasis on the importance of charity work. It has thus far been an experience unlike anything else and has enabled me to grow as an individual.

Define Beauty with a Purpose.

To me, Beauty with a Purpose means a compassionate, strong hearted, positive and charitable woman, who utilises their abilities for greater good assisting the disadvantaged. It is the individual who puts in immense efforts to helping those that are in need, spreading love and equality to all and making a lasting difference to the lives of many. Julia Morley, as the head of the organisation, symbolises this poise, kindness, grace and humility and defines to women that our beauty can be used for charitable purposes and making the world a better place.


How do you define love?

Love is that sense of feeling that you experience within, that warmth and desire in your heart. Love has the ability to produce great things and ultimately what everyone should posses, not only to family and friends, but also to our environment the world in which we live and to those whom we don’t know.

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in the Australia.

Australia is a land of many beauties, and is diverse in its culture and landmarks. I have been fortunate enough to visit most of Australia in my time, however the most beautiful place I’ve visited would have to be the Great Barrier Reef. Australia, known for its outback locations and country style, is diversified by its coral and sea beauties and tropical paradise. It is truly the lucky country!


What are you doing now to prepare for Miss World Australia?

My preparations for the pageant have increased in hopes that I will be ready for every challenge and aspect that Miss World employs. My fitness regime that I undergo has increased to ensure I’m at the healthiest and fittest possible point that I can be including an increase in my tennis, gym work and cardio and aerobic training. I have been practising my classical piano skills and also public speaking to ensure that I am confident and strong in my convictions. My modelling, runway and advertisement skills have also played an affect in enabling myself to be completely ready for the national finals.

What’s your favourite dish?

That’s a tough question. I have had the pleasure of being able to visit many countries and experience many cultures in my lifetime. It is amazing seeing the wonders of our world and tasting many native dishes that remain the heart of many countries. I love a good Indian dish such as Tandoori chicken, but also enjoy the Malay style cuisine such as fried rice, satay skewers and chilli prawns. It’s difficult to say what my ultimate favourite is, but offer me chocolate anytime and I’ll never say no!


How would you convince anti pageant fans that beauty contests are not degrading to women?

In my experience with previous pageants, it has been nothing short of a memorable and self-defining experience. Pageants are a form in which women together can withhold a strong sense of power and ability to stand up for morals and rights. It gives individuals the honour and the ability to be able to fulfil dreams and assist in helping those disadvantaged. Many women have proven to be the example of this. They have used their success in pageants for the greater good of communities suffering many hardships around the world and have made substantial, positive and long lasting differences alleviating many diseases and in humane issues globally. I would therefore encourage young women to take part in pageants and reap the many benefits in which it possesses. I have met some of the most intelligent and beautiful women and have remained in contact with many of them forming friendships I know will last a lifetime. In addition, the foundations it presents in developing and growing you as a person is unlike anything else.

What advise would you give young women who want to enter pageants?

The quote that I live my life by is ‘to reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul, dream deep for every dream proceeds the goal’. I believe very much in these words, that everyone has a purpose in their life and we are here to utilise our gifts and talents to making the world a better place. Pageants are an unbelievable attribute in that they enable individuals to achieve their dreams and goals. So much goodwill has come out of the kindness and strength in which pageants instill. I would encourage all who think of entering pageants to do so. Nothing negative will come about from being apart of it, and the experiences and knowledge in which you gain will remain with you.


How are pageants different from modelling?

Modelling is a wonderful facet in that through photo’s and runway, a million words can be told. Loving every aspect of my job as a model, it is a job and something I’m required to do to meet the needs and requirements in which the client outlays. Although it allows me to meet new people and form new friendships, pageants allow me to be myself and nothing more. I always believe and and have faith in myself and the person that I am to take me through to the next stage of a pageant. Pageants essentially strip down all layers of a person and reveal the true individual. It allows you to be who are and embrace the power and grace that you posses within.

Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

Yes, I have seen the competition for those competing for the Miss World Australia 2013 crown, and I must say ‘wow’! As pageants do reveal, there a some amazingly beautiful women in our country. As they have all placed as a national finalist, there is reason as to why each girl has been given this great opportunity. Each girl is unique and exhibits her own qualities and characteristics. I’ m sure it will be a tough decision for the judges, but I rest assure in the faith that I place in myself, that’s all that I can do.


Who is your favourite Miss World and why?

There are many Miss Worlds that I look upon and aspire to be like. However, if I did have to choose one it would be Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994. Not only because we withhold similarities in our heritage, but through the constant charitable work and immense contributions she continues to make to those whom are in need. Her countless efforts, especially to the many children that are disadvantaged not only in India, but worldwide is phenomenal. She continues to raise global awareness on social and humanitarian issues such as ongoing issues with HIV aids, decreasing disease and infections as well as her peace work with many countries. It would be a privilege to follow in the foot steps of such a graceful, kind-hearted and prominent figure.

Why should you be chosen to be the next Miss World Australia?

It would be an honour, a privilege to be crowned Miss World Australia 2013. I believe that Miss World possess the qualities of integrity, positivity, compassion and a charity heart driven to continuously making a difference to the lives of many. Remaining strong when the going gets tough, and spreading the notion of multiculturalism and equality in Australia, I believe I fit this criteria and would work beyond the best of my ability to inspire and teach others whilst being a role model and ambassador for Australia. It would be a humbling experience to learn from the wealth of knowledge in which Miss World retains and have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

How do you want to be remembered?

I know my friends and family will remember me for my loud and outgoing personality, always enjoying what I’m doing & smiling. I would also want to remembered for my passion towards all forms of life, my positive actions and many ways in which I have dedicated myself to the needs of the poor and my constant strive to make the world a better place.




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Dear Pageant Girl,

Every now and then we stumble upon an undiscovered diamond in the rough.  One of these diamonds is the lady that we are about to profile.  Hailing from Queensland, I got an excited phone call from Sone, DPG QLD raving about the girl whom we shall entitle The Second Coming of Rachael Finch.

And yes, she does bear an uncanny resemblance.

Coming out of nowhere, this young lady is a pageant neophyte…and we love a fast learner.  Keen and green she was locked out of the QLD State Finals for Miss Universe Australia and is now trying her luck at Miss World Australia.

And we are very happy that she is.  We look forward to watching her grow and if her photos are anything to go by, all we can say is fasten your seatbelts – we have a pageant mover and shaker in the making right here.

Introducing, Ryan Lissane Price


Tell me about yourself.

It’s hard not to feel conceited when you’re asked to describe yourself but here goes… My full name is Ryan Lissanne Hineka Price and I’m of Maori, German and English descent. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Perth and graduated from Penrhos College in 2008. After a year in the work force, and being the ‘persistent’ independent person I am, I packed my bags and relocated to sunny Queensland in 2009 – despite my family’s best efforts to keep me in their sight. They are the most amazing supportive family I could have been gifted with and regardless of the distance, we are closer than ever. I’m currently working as a fulltime paralegal in the area of family and criminal defence law, and I’ve recently completed my studies for an advanced diploma in Project Management. During my younger years I held an intense passion for hunger problems around the world and was an ambassador for World Vision projects, particularly the ‘Stand up, Stir it up Project’. I also love keeping my body healthy and fit through daily exercise and new foods!

What made you join this competition?

I think confidence was an important factor in entering the pageant scene this year. As a teenager I was bullied a lot and didn’t quite fit in, but for the Miss World pageant, I think the charity aspect was a real incentive for me to get back into fundraising and charity events. It’s such a rewarding experience knowing you’re putting in the extra effort to contribute to charities that operate on voluntary funding.


What makes Miss World different from other pageants?

In my opinion, Miss World truly embraces the ‘beauty with a purpose’ concept, but in saying that I really am an apprentice pageant girl! I think Jessica Kahawaty explained it perfectly last year. Miss World really does take a holistic approach to choosing it’s winner. The entire process is completely different to any of the other pageants and I really admire the fact that the panel wants to get to know you in person. It’s not about who you know or what you do for a living. Who you are on the inside really does count with Miss World which I think is wonderful.

Define Beauty with a Purpose.

Being physically attractive is one thing, but to embrace the body you’ve been gifted with and succeed in having a beautiful soul is another. Miss World gives young women the chance to show their commitment to making a difference in their communities and helping those less fortunate, be it aiding a worthy cause in a big or small way. It’s the effort that counts. I think every contestant would love to be recognized for their efforts in being the best person they can be and essentially be given the opportunity and resources to contribute to society on a more physically involved level as opposed to the fundraising side of things.


How do you define love?

Love or to be in love? Everybody is different and I always say “each to their own”, but to me… Love is passion. When you have a passion for something or someone, everything around you just seems to work and in itself creates a balance in life. It’s a continuous desire to succeed in an interest or to thrive in a relationship.

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited in Australia?

Turquoise Bay in Exmouth! Absolutely breathtaking, words cannot describe the underwater activity of this place! When I was younger my dad took us on holiday to Exmouth and we made the day and a half drive up towards Ningaloo Reef from Perth. It’s a 300m long reef which you enter at the car park end and let the drift take you over the amazing sea life, but don’t forget to come in at the sand bar or you’ll be taken out to what’s known to be the Tiger Shark breeding area. Brings back some great memories!


What are you doing now to prepare for Miss World Australia?

I lead a pretty active and healthy lifestyle but when it comes to the physical aspect in preparing for an event like this I’ll be tightening the reins on the indulgence side of things which will help give me that added confidence in Melbourne next month. As a pageant novice I’ve done my fair share of pageant research… Enough to accommodate every finalist I think! Not to mention viewing countless question and answer fails!!

What’s your favourite dish?

Ahh… food glorious food…Where do I start? When it comes to indulgences, a hamper of carbs and sugar will do me just fine. Food for thought though…if you ever need a favour, hand me a slice of hot apple crumble with a side of vanilla ice-cream and I’ll be at your beck and call!


How would you convince anti pageant fans that beauty contests are not degrading to women?

My eldest brother, Adam, was an anti-pageant fan from the day he found out I was competing this year. I asked him to take the time to listen to some of the questions the women get asked. He assumed the girls just parade around on stage and made the comparison of the pageant industry to legally blonde. He is going to kill me for saying this! As for the rest of the anti pageant fans, I used to be so uncomfortable with public speaking, wearing a bikini and being judged for face value. Beauty contests like Miss World have helped me to be more confident in who I am and to also create my own presence whether that be on stage or not.

What advice would you give young women who want to enter pageants?

Try and try again. Now I know for a fact this sounds cliché but for me it’s honestly not about winning, I entered for the experience. You’re exposed to a completely different world when you enter the pageant scene and I love it. The only personal advice I can give from my very recent experience, is pick your pageants wisely, research what pageant/s you think you would be most suited to and really take the time to be honest with yourself in what or who you want to represent and be remembered for. At the end of the day, if you’re doing it to gain confidence and you’re an opportunist like myself – be yourself, you have nothing to lose.


How are pageants different from modelling?

Everyone is certainly going to have a different opinion on this. I think it depends on the job itself when it comes to modelling. With modelling, you’re given the opportunity to take on a different personality and have that character show through the photograph. For me, when it came to my first pageant, I liked the feeling of being vulnerable to the panel of judges. It’s very ‘raw’ and you really are judged on who you are right then and there for not just your looks but on your disposition and character.

Have you looked at the competition? Who do you think your biggest competition is?

Of course I have! I haven’t had time to go through with a fine toothed comb but I’ll get there haha. Every contestant that’s had experience in the modelling or pageant industry is big competition in my eyes because they have that stage presence and extra confidence. I’ve had a few girls add me on facebook and instagram since the finalists were announced and publicized yesterday and from what I’ve seen, all the girls are absolute glamours… So good luck to the judges!


Who is your favourite Miss World and why?

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any better, Jessica Kahawaty came in and was crowned last year. She’s definitely set the bar high for the rest of us. When she speaks she has such an honest and pure presence and she really embodies everything that our Miss World Australia should represent. She’s humble, gracious, generous and indescribably gorgeous. Last years’ contestants were stunning, but for me she was a clear winner as an overall package.

Why should you be chosen to be the next Miss World Australia?

I would love to be given the opportunity to embrace the title of Miss World Australia and focus on the charity aspect of what holding the crown entails. Being able to visit those countries and meet the people that have benefit from my past fundraising efforts would be an honour and a dream come true. Being Miss World Australia would give me the chance to focus on improving the lives of people less fortunate, that in itself would be extremely rewarding. Jessica’s shoes are going to be very hard to fill for anyone that takes the crown this year.

How do you want to be remembered?

I’d love to be remembered as the girl that came in, fresh on the scene and made an impact. I’m just me. I’m always going to give 100% and be the best person I can be. I can only hope that it’s what you are looking for and that you all see me for the person I am. An uncontrollably happy, loving and passionate soul.